Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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reputation poll inaugural list of 100 Most Reputable People on Earth


  1. 2017 Most Reputable People on Earth – Reputation Poll
    By reputationpoll -June 5, 2017
    Global performance-reputation management consulting agency, Reputation Poll International has announced its inaugural list of 100 Most Reputable People on Earth. A list of individuals across the globe that have amassed high reputation for themselves through their works and achievements. The list which features individuals from diverse sectors including policy, entertainment, leadership, education, business etc.

    Notable individuals on the list include renowned Evangelist Billy Graham, 98, who doubles up as the oldest person and Raymond Wang, Malala Yousafzai, both 19 years, and the youngest people to be listed.

    Statically, the USA has the largest share of reputable personalities numbering 39 also with a representation of 25 females, 3 couples and 72 Males.

    Aamir Khan || Actor
    Adele || Singer
    Akinwumi Adesina || President, African Development Bank
    Alex Ferguson || Global Ambassador, Manchester United
    Alexis Tsipras || Prime Minister, Greece
    Andrew D. Hamilton || Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford
    Angelina Jolie || Actress
    António Guterres || Secretary-General, UN
    Aung San Suu Kyi || Politician & Diplomat
    Barack & Michelle Obama || Fomer First Family, USA
    The list was also researched in partnership with the Institute of Leadership & Management and leading PR Firm, Avance Media.

  2. The Power of Films for Change: An Interview with Kat Kramer
    Katharine ‘Kat’ Kramer is an accomplished producer, actress, singer, activist, and the Vice President of KNK Productions, Inc. and The Stanley Kramer Library. She founded “Kat Kramer’s Films that Change the World” to showcase motion pictures that raise awareness of important social issues. She follows in the footsteps of her late father, the legendary producer/director Stanley Kramer, who was known for taking artistic and financial risks by making movies about controversial subjects.

    James Haven is an expert on the long term effects of child abuse and advocates for children as a mission. There will be experts joining the panel and it will be an eye opening experience. Many people coming haven't seen The Hunting Ground yet, which has won multiple awards already and broken ground. As an anti-bullying activist and motivational speaker, I feel it's important that I continue to advocate and be a "voice" for the "voiceless." Rape is a form of bullying in the worst way.