Sunday, June 18, 2017

LAX, Saturday, June 17.



Random Fuzzies

They are dressed and ready for colder climes. 
Forecast for Windhoek 71/44F, 22/7C, Addis Ababa 72/52F, 22/11C.

There is usually at least one member of their security who goes ahead of them and the man in a light blue, long-sleeved shirt appears to be part of their security.  He hung back by the pillar while the Suburban was surrounded by the rest of the security team and then followed the airline rep who ran ahead.  They arrived in at least two vehicles, probably 3. 

He is seen again inside the terminal keeping an eye on the crowd as the group makes its way but no longer clutching the bags he had earlier.  He apparently handed them over to someone else who had gone ahead.

There were 7 members of their security trailing after them as they entered the restricted area.  Including the man in the light blue shirt and whoever he handed the bags to, that would be 9 inside the terminal.  In the past, most of their security would turn back once they entered the restricted area -- so it is a bit curious that so many continued to accompany them inside.  Counting the drivers of the vehicles they arrived in, they had close to a dozen security when they arrived at the airport -- an unusually large number even for them.

The white Cherokee SUV above, which is likely where some of their security rode, appears to have the same hub caps as the white SUV she rode from the airport (below) when they arrived from London last March. 

Her SUV last March looks like a Volvo XC90, but with different hub caps from the one in the stock photo below.


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  1. Knox and Madoxx are both wearing Palladium Boots like Brad's.