Friday, June 9, 2017


On Friday, June 9,  it was revealed the 42-year-old Oscar-winning actress added a Fun Air slide to the pool of her new $25m historic Los Angeles mansion.

The photos of the movers below were posted on June 12, no date on when they were actually taken.  Probably last week, before the aerial photo above was taken.  Laughlin Park is a private, gated community so unless the photographer lives in the neighborhood or was invited in, they were trespassing. In addition to blurring out the license plate of the truck, the photos show signs of possible additional editing. But it's radar --  one of the least credible, most unscrupulous tabloid sites.

"Laborers from Golden Leaf Landscape have also been working"  -- Golden Leaf worked on the property for the previous owners and may have been retained to cover up open patches on the periphery for increased privacy.

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Random Fuzzy

Of note:

Clockwise from top left:

-  a large black SUV, like a Chevy Suburban, is parked outside the gate.  The top of a a dark sedan that is parked across the street can also be glimpsed.  Brad has been using a black Suburban lately.   Angelina has frequently used a white and black Range Rover or a grey Toyota minivan. 

-  pedestrian gate is open, possible vehicle parked in front

-  table and what appears to be a portable grill

-  a figure beside the slide

-  a figure walking

-  tall plants and a screen have been installed to block view of the balcony

-  door leading to the porch is open, most of the furniture previously visible inside have been removed

-  door leading out to the balcony is open

-  they are not using the previous owners' cushions but they kept most of the outdoor furniture

-  75-foot Fun Air Super Sweet slide

Similar enough in size, style and color that I can't rule it out.  The entrance and driveway of the opposite house is around the corner.  So the car is likely parked for the DeMille or the neighbor to the left.

Photos from mid-May when the former owners were moving their stuff out:

The corner of the balcony was visible from just outside the gate, the approximate position of the parked vehicles in the photo above are outlined below.

The neighbors also had a partially obstructed view of the side of the house. The thick wall of trees that surround the property is sparse on this side and I imagine their landscaper will work on covering up all openings.

Google Map screencap:

The house at top right is reportedly where David Fincher lives.  They would pass it everyday if they use the gate next to his house to enter/exit Laughlin Park -- which is the straighter route.  The sellers of the DeMille, the Grossman-Lyons, also sold the house to Fincher in 1996 for $3M.
Note vehicles similarly parked outside the gate of the DeMille where the black SUV was parked.

-- Fussy

Photos from when the property was still for sale.


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