Wednesday, June 21, 2017


He's an entertainment reporter with a stack of celebrity interviews under his belt.
And self-described 'gossip guru' Richard Reid has opened up about the best and worst conversations he has conducted over the years with A-list talent.
The current Studio 10 panelist penned a column for The Daily Telegraph on Thursday, divulging the good, bad and ugly of his Hollywood encounters.

The media personality shared a memory of the time he had the opportunity to interview Tommy Lee Jones for his Space Cowboys movie in 2000.

The film's director, producer and star, Clint Eastwood, had earlier warned him that Tommy was 'a son of a b****, but a great actor'.
He described how when he sat with Tommy for their brief interview and asked him what it was like working with Clint, the 'world class jerk' immediately snarled at him.

'Seriously?' he recalled Tommy asking him with a sneer. 'That’s your first question?'
The awkward conversation lasted 'two more awkward questions' and wrapped up.
Richard also recalled uneasy interactions with Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd, calling them 'divas who won’t shake your hand [and] sigh at every question they‘re asked'.

He offered 'grunge goddess' Courtney Love's 'bad behaviour' was perhaps the most significant, citing how she arrived 'several hours late' for their interview. 
'[She] then brazenly proceeded to change her blouse repeatedly, braless, in front of a succession of dumbstruck journalists,' he recounted.

For his more positive celebrity moments, Richard offered he and Angelina Jolie fell in 'love at first sight' and described Sandra Bullock as 'generous, kind and loveable'.

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