Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pictured: Brad Pitt leans on the balcony of his private booth while watching Valerie June at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.
Photo credit: MEGA

 Pictured: Brad Pitt watches singer Valerie June at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on June 7. He is seen here in a white t-shirt and hat.
Photo credit: MEGA

Caption: EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt enjoyed watching folk singer Valerie June at a Los Angeles gig last night (June 7) - and even waited to meet the musician after the show.
The movie star was spotted in a VIP booth with group of friends at the intimate gig at the El Rey Theatre and was seen moving to the music and enthusiastically applauding after each song.
An onlooker said: "Brad sat down in his booth with his hat and jacket on during the supporting act. He had a few security guards with him but they stayed outside the booth.
"Once Valerie got going he came to the front of the booth and was leaning over the balcony rail obviously having fun. He was laughing with his group of half a dozen male and female friends. It seemed like he was a big fan and knew the songs and at times he was moving in time to the music although he wasn't dancing. As he warmed up he took his jacket off and stood there in a white t shirt.
"He cheered and hollered for more during the encore, while applauding at the front of the booth."
A source said: "After the gig Valerie made sure to greet her fans at the merchandise stand stand while Brad waited for her to finish. He waited upstairs in his booth, chatting to a woman with long blonde hair until the entire audience left and then came down to meet Valerie himself and was among the last people to leave the building.".
07 Jun 2017
Pictured: Brad Pitt talks to a female friend after the Valerie June gig at the El Rey Theatre before they later met the singer themselves.
Photo credit: MEGA


Brad Pitt was seen leaving the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening, June 7, after taking in a performance by Valerie June. 

Daily Mail speculates that he could be holding a can of Red Bull Yellow but the cans look different

It could be


  1. thevaleriejuneWell,
    alright y'all! Brad Pitt came to the show tonight! And I couldn't help but talk about a new Memphis Film+Music Project I've been keeping a secret!!! It's still a secret, but he had to know! More soon! -Val. Planetary Exploration. Self Examination. #worldchanges.

  2. Fussy, UK Hello magazine this weeks 12 June Issue covered Angelina taking Shiloh and Camboidian guests (kids) for a pre bithday celebration to Dyisney Park, its on page 16 and photo of Angelina on the roller coaster with her arms up in the air with the kids, no mention of Brad, just that she went to Dyisney and that she will be staring soon in Maleficent 2.