Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Random Fuzzies

We have had a constant stream of Instagram photos of Brad but none of Angelina and the kids.  We have not seen the kids or read any mention of them at all since LAX.  There have been no photos of Angelina in public outside of Kenya.  We presume the kids were with her in N/a an kuse but there was no mention of them.  There was no update on Shiloh meeting for the first time the cheetahs that were "gifted" to her including the one named after her.  At this point, we don't know where the kids are or where they've been since L.A.  We assume Angelina has already left Namibia but we have no confirmation that she did or if the kids were with her.

After publicly taking a commercial flight out of L.A., they have been moving around very, very stealthily.  Obviously, they have not been flying commercial -- and neither has Brad. 

Alexi Lubomirsky, the photographer, left Windhoek Tuesday afternoon, June 27.  If she left at the same time, she would reach Nice early Wednesday, June 28.   If she was bound for L. A. she would also arrive Wednesday morning since it's 8 hours behind Windhoek.


-  They've been away from L.A. for close to 2 weeks.  Brad would not have been apart from them for more than a few days at a stretch.

-  It will be interesting to see if they will soon be making their way back to L.A., or if they'll be spending an extended stretch in Miraval, and perhaps take a vacation off the grid.  She did not want the media to be around when she paid a courtesy call on the President of Namibia, likely because she did not want to be asked about her visit and travel plans.

- To go unseen and undetected so successfully takes military-style planning and execution as well as the cooperation of local authorities.  They are going through all this trouble because staying hidden and under the radar is evidently very important to them right now.   

-- Miraval is their best bet for near total privacy.  A visit now would perhaps be symbolic of full recovery.  It takes them full circle from back before the plane ride, before Brad's relations with the kids ruptured.  And like Crested Butte, enjoying familiar outdoor fun and games with their father would help cement it.

-- It will also be interesting to see if any changes / renovations have been done in the DeMille while they were away.


I checked out Miraval on Google Maps and was quite surprised at how much they've expanded the cultivated area.  It looks mostly for grapes but even the terraced area for olives has been expanded.  They've easily more than doubled or even tripled the previous planted acreage -- it's a huge expansion. And it appears additional areas are still being cleared.  They're making a big capital commitment to developing Miraval into a viable commercial venture.

They've made the front yard into a football/soccer field

Counting the DeMille, they've had major capital expenditures over the past year.  They need to get back to work in front of the camera soon to replenish the coffers.  This is no doubt why Brad is eager for WWZ 2 which he convinced David Fincher to direct (WWZ is his biggest hit with $540M).  I am sure Universal will give her a generous deal for Bride, grateful that she is willing to take on the risk for their Dark Universe franchise that has no evident audience demand and additionally faces critical skepticism.  Her earnings for Bride are unlikely to come close to what she got for Maleficent ($20M plus profit share from $758M+) and what she will likely earn for Maleficent 2.  Tom Cruise received $13M and a "generous" back end deal but The Mummy has to be profitable first, and at this point, it isn't clear that it will be.  

-- Fussy


Creation Date: 29/06/2017

London, UNITED KINGDOM - British Actress Sienna Miller and actor Jack O'Connell were spotted arriving at Battersea Helipad together in London. After having spent the past few days at Glastonbury The pair arrived with another couple. They exited separately and left in separate vehicles. Sienna has recently been linked with actor Brad Pitt. But it looks like the actress has her sights set on Jack.

*PICTURES TAKEN ON 25/06/2017*

 Note: Sienna and Jack are starring in the West End production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Sienna Miller, 35, has dismissed claims she is dating Brad Pitt, 53, after reports surfaced claiming they were 'exploring a casual summer romance', in what would have been his first romance since splitting with Angelina Jolie, 42.
Despite the reports, sources tell MailOnline the star is happily dating her Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller, with insiders stating: 'Sienna's finding it all very funny with friends have been texting her about Brienna laughing'.  
Despite the reports, sources tell MailOnline: 'Sienna's finding it all very funny with friends texting her about being dubbed Brienna. She's happily with Bennett and has no idea where these rumours keep coming from.
'They're just not true. Brad's a great friend but nothing more. They were hanging out at the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury but they were with a big group.' 


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