Thursday, June 1, 2017

Four days after Angelina went to Universal Studios with the kids, Brad went with apparently Chris Cornell's kids.


The actor was seen taking the kids on the Jurassic Park ride and also treating them to hot chocolate as they walked around the park.
The six children he had with Angelina Jolie were not seen, but there were two bodyguards in tow.

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Possibly taken yesterday

- Maddox and Pax's therapist specializes in teenagers. She would not be Brad's therapist as well.

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  1. Obviously she told them that they had a good time and managed not to be mobbed so he decided to go.

  2. Fussy Looks like maybe Papratzzi followed Brad from the Art Studio (that grill at the back is the same as the art Studio) to Universal with Chris kid's as he is waering the same clothes. Maybe this was taken yesterday or the same day he took the kids out just earlier in the morining or afternoon.

    This outlet has Pax's photo from a diffrent place yet made out its Maddox and Brad together, the article has so many holes and inaccuracies LOL. Just posted this for you to have the photos.

    Brad Pitt and son together by a psychiatrist

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