Thursday, May 4, 2017


Plan B Closes Overall Annapurna Deal; Brings Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Movie To Star Christian Bale

As Deadline predicted last month, the deal is done and Plan B — coming off Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight — has moved its production deal to Annapurna. The company has signed a three year deal, and Annapurna is poised to start the new relationship by taking on the film about polarizing former vice president Dick Cheney that Adam McKay wrote and will direct as his next feature. Christian Bale is playing Cheney, Steve Carell will play former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Amy Adams will play Lynne Cheney. That project was set by Plan B and McKay’s Gary Sanchez at Paramount, but the studio is putting it in turnaround. That studio, which recently put the JC Chandor-directed $70 million budget Triple Frontier in turnaround, is retooling under new chairman Jim Gianopulos, and balked at a Cheney price tag I’ve heard is in the $50 million range. It sounds like an ideal project for Annapurna, which has backed such provocative films as Zero Dark Thirty and The Master.
Run by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, Plan B has been a standout producer over the past few years. The producers in January left their overall deal with New Regency, where Plan B made the Best Picture-nominated The Big Short and where it will make Ad Astra, pegged as Pitt’s next star vehicle. The film’s written and directed by James Gray, who most recently helmed the Plan B-produced Lost City Of Z. Landing Plan B is a statement move for Megan Ellison’s production-financing-distribution company, which has built itself up and becomes a distributor with Kathryn Bigelow’s upcoming film about the Detroit riots.
Plan B has become a haven for the kind of movies Ellison loves to make. There are commercial films but a lot of prestige pictures too. Along with McKay’s The Big Short, its credits range from Best Picture winners 12 Years a Slave and The Departed to World War Z and World War Z 2 (which they’ve been working on for months with David Fincher), the Netflix David Michod-directed Pitt-starrer War Machine, Beautiful Boy, the Cannes-bound Netflix Bong Joon Ho-directed Okja, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and, for television, The Normal Heart.
Annapurna has been very smart in the way it is methodically building the taste maker company with the addition of seasoned executives and having just beefed up its marketing and distribution teams. It also signed a multi-picture ouput deal with Hulu, the first of its kind for Annapurna as the company moves toward mini-studio status. Annapurna separately has a deal with its Zero Dark Thirty writer/producer Mark Boal and his Page 1 banner, which is currently developing a 2016 presidential election “political drama” series of between eight and 10 hours. Boal and Ellison are producing the series which we have heard is about Trump.
Annapurna takes the step up after establishing itself as a taste making financier/producer of films including Bigelow and Boal’s Zero Dark Thirty, David O. Russell’s American Hustle and Spike Jonze’s high-concept film Her. The company has 32 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture noms for those three films. Ellison is also one of only four honorees ever to receive two Best Picture nominations in the same year, with Her and American Hustle in 2014.


  1. Sudan: Angelina Jolie in Khartoum This May
    Khartoum — The American global movie mega-star, Angelina Jolie, will fly to Sudan on May 25th to get a firsthand information about historical sites in Kosh, Karma and Bejrawiah area, the cradle of Sudan's ancient civilization, as part of shooting a film about the women who ruled the ancient Sudanese kingdoms known as "the Kandakah", the President of the Union of the African Arab Digital Media, Engineer Azza Awad Al Karim revealed on Thursday.

    Ms. Karim told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) following a meeting of the media preparatory committee that the international star will then come to the country a second time in November, when the weather is cooler, for starting the shooting of the film on those women who ruled the country, with the funding being provided by the Mursal network, a Qatar company.

    She said it was agreed with Mursal company about shooting the documentary film titled "history begins from here" , about Sudanese archeological riches and that the film would cover all historical and archeological sites in northern Sudan's' Shamalia and Nahar Nile states, where most of Sudan ancient and historical monuments are found.

  2. Sorry Haters — America Loves GQ Style’s Brad Pitt Interview
    The 6,000 word interview garnered 3.4 million minutes of engaged reading time over 24 hours.

    While much of the internet has been preoccupied with political reporting, the one-year-old GQ Style proved that a good celebrity cover story can still go a long way.

    The quarterly lifestyle magazine broke several in-house records this week as it revealed its summer 2017 Brad Pitt cover across social media on May 2. The magazine followed up the next day with its photoshoot of Pitt frolicking about national parks, and an intimate interview in which the celebrity candidly discusses his life six months after his divorce with Angelina Jolie.

    In an interview with Folio:, editor-in-chief Will Welch said that his concept for this issue came from his feeling that there was not enough media that brings people together. The photoshoot and resulting interview were meant to be appealing to a non-controversial American identity.

    “There were 3 million visitors to the National Parks last year alone. That’s a staggering figure,” Welch says. “If the national parks are what unite us, who is the subject that unites us? Brad Pitt is someone we can all agree with.”

    As tends to be the case with any content that goes viral, not everyone agreed. Some critics were quick to mock the interview. The Guardian called it “the most excruciating interview of 2017,” and that it is “predicated on the notion that performative recovery and fashion advertorial need not be mutually exclusive.”

    In one of the many aggregated pieces covering the interview, BBC News wrote, “So how does one of Hollywood's biggest stars begin to fix his image and move on? The answer seems to be — by doing an eight-day photoshoot mucking about in America's national parks and a long, confessional and philosophical interview with GQ Style.”

    And how does one of the magazine industry’s youngest brands make a name for itself? The answer, it seems, is exactly the same.

  3. Maddalena Ischiale‏ @RealMaddalena May 4
    Unforgettable and heartwarming memories ❤️
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  4. Brad niece posted this "Truth will set you free" on her Instagram she posted more of Brads interview pics too with his Tatto quotes.

  5. Fussy not sure If you knew but JP's actually have three dogs, hence 2 with her and 1 with Brad.

  6. New Angelina and Knox photos conflicting some say May 6th some May 7th I think they are from 6th

    Photo of Brad from GQ with the style cast

  7. Further new Angelina and Knox photos

    Shiloh & Knpx can been seen with her

  8. Fussy found the photos from the original source she was at the Fare,the photo was uploaded by him 2hrs ago so I guess they were taken yesterday , depending what time in LA its is now?

    calstar64Exclusively at Faire today was Wonder Woman and Angelina Jolie.

  9. This is another poster from the fare who works there it was uploaded 3hrs ago so

    lilmichizSo... this happened while I was at work. #ilovemyjob #angelinajolie #renaissancefestival #renaissancefaire #angelinajoliepittangiejoliepitt❤️❤️

  10. Apparently, this Saturday (06/05), Mom #AngelinaJolie took their children in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire Festival in California.

  11. Fussy here is the Mapp where this t Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

  12. The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2017
    May 6-7, 2017 | Irwindale, CA | Historical

    Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area|15501 Arrow Hwy Irwindale, CA
    Everfest's Take
    The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California, is an expansive showcase and celebration of Renaissance times and traditions. Some of the highlighted attractions include jousting performances, lute-lead traditional folk music, wizard shows, Celtic dancing, court-jester comedy shows, a fire circus show, knife throwing demos and a kids kingdom.

    Upcoming Festivals
    Weekend 5
    May 6-7, 2017
    Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area


  14. More Angelina Pax & Sholih photos from the fare

    icechest_elly 1h
    Just another day ate faire with #angelinajolie
    #notgonnalie #imafan #funtimes

    icechest_ellySo this one time at faire when #angelinajolie came to visit! Love when I see celebrities enjoying what we do! Very cool!

    alexxa_morgan 2hr
    When you go to a Renaissance Festival and see your woman crush, Angelina Jolie! ���� �� #iloverhersomuch#starstruck#angelinajolie

  15. Angelina Jolie takes her children to the medieval fair
    This Saturday, May 6, 2017, actress Angelina Jolie was photographed by fans while enjoying a moment with her children, Shiloh (10) and Knox (8), at a medieval fair.

    Fans shared photos of the filmmaker visiting The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire , which takes place every year in southern California.

    Although the United States did not pass through the medieval period, this did not prevent the country from becoming the scene of several thematic celebrations that refer to that time.

    The "Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire" was the first celebration of the type created in the North American country. The first edition of the fair took place in the year 1963 and set the standard for all other similar festivities that appeared later.

    The concept is simple: In April and May, the imaginary city of Port Deptford appears in Irwindale, California, with shops, stalls and artists mimicking the customs of the 1580s.

    The concept may be simple, but it hides large complexities. Each sector of the fair follows very strict historical standards to preserve the illusion - a venture that fits perfectly in Southern California, a place full of actors and artists because of Hollywood. Some of the text was taken from VisiteOsUSA .

  16. Fussy have a look is that a wedding ring or maybe the ring he wore for the shoot? as this was taken behind the scences and its a diffrent day this didn't make the edit, The official one in where he was wearing black trousers and shirt he had the designer ring.. and when he took this pic with the phtographer leaning on him was taken on a diffrent day which you have included in the article does show him wearing a ring, you can see the slight glint....yet this is taken at the same time maybe a little later he's got his coat on but he now you can see the ring?

    silverliningopticians Everglades 11h
    silverliningopticiansBehind the scenes photo by @ryanmcginleystudios #silverlining #gqstyle #bradpitt

    Angelina is wearing her thin gold band at the fare,the one she wore at teh ski resort