Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Premiere of War Machine held at Roppongi Hills on Tuesday (May 23) in Tokyo, Japan.

Yes, it's the same bodyguard.  He is with them frequently when they are outside the U.S.


On Netflix:
“There’s more content being made, there’s more risk out there. There are more films, there are more stories being told, there are more filmmakers getting shots. I think this is nothing but a fantastic moment for all of us."

“It was very exciting for us, as David (Michod) said, to take a big leap for this one, specifically. And it was a big, bold move for Netflix, quite frankly.  Quite honestly, without a delivery system like Netflix, this movie wouldn’t have been made. Or if it did get made, it would have been at one-sixth of the budget only… there is a great degree of difficulty to pull off. I guess the financial risk is really difficult for the studios to take on at this time.”

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  1. Keeping up has more pix. He's really hamming it up. He seems to be having fun with it. Seems to be in a good place.