Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Brief observations:

- There have been no airport photos, not even in Tokyo where almost everyone gets photographed at the terminal arriving &/or departing.

- There have been no photos of Angelina since she went shopping in West Hollywood on May 18.

- Chris Cornell's funeral is this Friday, May 26 in  L.A.

- Shiloh's birthday is on Saturday, May 27.

- It will be 45 days since her offer for the DeMille was accepted on Sunday, May 28.

- It has been 124 days since Dr. Katz submitted his declaration of his qualifications to Judge Ouderkirk.

- Flight time between Mumbai and L.A. is 18 hours.  L.A. is 12 hours 30 minutes behind Mumbai.  Flight time between Tokyo and Mumbai is close to 9 Hours. 

- Brad was in NY May 16, Tokyo May 22 - 23. Mumbai May 24.


- Unless his road trip has another stop, he should be back in L.A. in time for Cornell's funeral.

- It's possible that some members of the family accompanied him on the trip, hence the absence of any airport photos.  Including travel time, assuming he arrives back in L.A. later today, he will have been away 5 days.


Brad Pitt landed in Mumbai early on Wednesday morning.
The Hollywood megastar is in the country for a hyper-exclusive event to be held later in the evening. He has been put up in a plush South Mumbai hotel with tight security as his visit has been kept totally under the wraps.
HuffPost India has on good authority that Shah Rukh Khan will be hosting Pitt in Mumbai.
The two actors, arguably two of the world's biggest stars, are expected to talk about the evolution of cinema at a super private event tonight.
Pitt has been brought to Mumbai thanks to Netflix, which is distributing War Machine, a satirical war drama that features Pitt in the lead.
After the discussion with Khan, Pitt might be introduced as the 'surprise element' at the film's premiere, which will take place at a South Mumbai multiplex.
The invitations of the premiere mention the presence of director David Michod and the film's producer, Dede Gardner, but not Pitt, who is expected to be in attendance, officials close to the development confirmed. It boils down to the 53-year-old's preference at the last minute, they said.


  1. Credit fasdeangelinajolie.blogspot...

    She now lives in Malibu, with six children and is always a busy woman, muse of the new perfume "Mon Guerlain," she confided to her friend Mariane pearl about their projects and their state of mind.

    By: Mariane Pearl
    With: Florence Besson

    She now lives in Malibu, with six children and is always a busy woman, muse of the new perfume "Mon Guerlain," she confided to her friend Mariane pearl about their projects and their state of mind.

    "I think as soon as you become a parent, your desires and goals become secondary" says Angelina Jolie. "The needs and dreams of children come first" . This is especially true when the family is going through a delicate phase. If your previous divorces with Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton did not have (also) happened since the official announcement of the separation of Brad Pitt, last September, the actress seems to deal with less privacy. And it's all the same. See both trying to move on, we would like to believe the rumors that they are ready to return to love again: he, alone with his bulldog, dedicated to sculpture, confessing to the "GQ" that had all his life a "drinking problem"; and she has spent with her family (she has seen her father, Jon Voight) after attending the release of his latest film, "First They Killed My Father," which talks about the horror of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

    Angelina Jolie was thrilled to learn that Brad Pitt had decided to fight alcoholism. She chose to go to Malibu, not far from it, instead of living in London. Things finally subsided. Because, as she confided in February in an emotional interview with BBC, and as she explains to us today in this exclusive interview: "Whatever happens, we are and will always remain a family" . Stronger, she hopes, to protect their six children, especially the little Shiloh, which is 11 years this week, and one day wanted to call John when he was two years, but not Angelina or Brad or would force her to wear dresses. A complex family, like any other, with its members, their fraternities, and the love that unites them. And it is this link that the star wanted to celebrate with us on the occasion of Mother's Day, she who really loved his mother. Angelina Jolie asked to be interviewed by Mariane Pearl, the wife of the late journalist Daniel Pearl, who she played in theaters in 2007, the movie " While we talked. "MP Can you tell us about your mother and how he influenced the woman you've become? My mother was very sweet and very gentle, was someone who never put his own interests ahead and believe that the greatest happiness in his life, was see their children succeed. He inspired me a lot in his way of being, and everything she taught me. But his death [in 2007] also taught me a lot. it made me want to be truly present for my kids and take care me and my health. his mother was a pioneer also an activist, that reminds some aspect of your personality? I was about 10 years old the first time she took me to a charity dinner organized by Amnesty International. she dressed me with my best clothes. I learned that day, the fate of prisoners of conscience who have been unjustly detained and why. My mother raised me with the world's conscience, she often told me of the causes that touched her heart. She took me to see the Underground Art, she introduced me to foreign films, the classic European ... Our shelves were full of interesting books, and the people she invited were all fascinating in their own way. Would you say it was an intellectual? She would never have described himself that way, but it was a great wisdom for the things that really mattered. She had this innate grace, she embodied the pure values of kindness and noble sentiments. S

  2. Mariane Pearl interview Angelina Jolie for Mother's Day - May 25, 2017


  3. What are your future projects?
    My work and my movements are limited at this time, for personal reasons. But I look forward, for our next trip on World Refugee Day on June 20. We will begin in Africa. Kids love this continent. I think it's important to show them the world in this particular period. In life, we are often taken to be focused on ourselves, and I believe that a broader view is essential. On June 20, we will be in the company of refugees and UN member. I also will go to refugee camps to document the military's role in the prevention and suppression of sexual violence as a weapon of war. And I will continue to teach at the London School of Economics (LSE). The world we have for our children can be daunting. As you share their political commitment to them? I try to give you an example, so that they are also aware of the other, they are responsible. I also help to have a broader view of the world. But I only know one way to do so, which is to listen. This may be the most important thing a parent can do. My kids are tough, but they are children. They especially need help to understand the harsh realities of life, and it is vital for all: love and protection.