Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The 53-year-old actor stepped out of Houseago's art studio on Tuesday (May 9)

Brad, who rocked a goatee, didn't wear his wedding ring for his outing.

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  1. Hi Fussy, this weeks UK Hello magazine has small side bar on the front cover, more like end bar LOL. The headline on the front says “Brads shock confession” and photo of Brad and Angelina and the photo has small caption of “Divorce, Demons & Putting Kids first”…Inside on page 42 its is a two page spread First page is actually half a page written with half of photo of the whole family the Headline inside says “ Brad Breaks silence- Speaks on problems & pain of his marriage split” and the second page is a whole photo of Angelina and Brad out and about and small caption saying things are cordial between them since September . The article it self is the main quotes from GQ, just what Brad said nothing major and then at the very end as if Hello was throwing shade at Us Magazine and their anti climax article of what went down the airport they just included mere gist of what Us fake news, you know the accusing of Angelina telling the family to go to safe heaven. Yet at the very end Hello added things are cordial between Brad and Angelina and again quoting Brads words from GQ . What I found interesting about this article was that Hello showed the light and shade of things “light, as what Brad said in his won words i.e. the reality” and “shade, of lies from tabloids like Us and its ridiculousness” . As a reader you come away with a sense who you believe and whom you don’t. Like I said Hello UK are pro JP’s.