Saturday, May 27, 2017

The photos were taken the same day they were in the basketball court in Malibu earlier this week.

The puppy is clearly Vivienne's.  She is not holding onto the leash of the 2nd dog.  Shiloh appears to be holding a leash in the 2nd set.  They only had the puppy with them when they walked around Malibu 2 weeks ago.  If the 2nd dog was also with them in Malibu at the time, it stands to reason that they would have taken it along for the walk.  It wasn't with Brad either when he had his GQ interview since he only had Jacques.  I have not seen this dog with them before.  In addition to Jacques, they also had two pugs.  Their security head, Richie, has also been seen walking a German shepherd near their compound.  This 2nd dog is not a puppy, I am not sure if it's a mixed breed but it appears to be fully grown. 

The rottweiler puppy appears to be around 4 months old.   It was probably still too young at the time of FTKMF's premiere to be separated from its mother and would still have been with the breeder.  So it would not have been one of the 2 dogs sleeping in Angelina's room.

Together with Jacques and the 2 pugs, the family could now have 5 dogs, 6 with the shepherd. And 2 hamsters. 

Thanks to Pride&Joy

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  2. We know 3 of the girls are from FTKMF cast members

    Also I think the one with the Ginger hair is Shilohs friend he's just dyed his hair I think his features look the same as the middle boy from this pic

    I know there was another photos of Shiloh and this kid taken in the bathroom they are doing the victory sign with their toungs out , I was trying to find the pic..

  3. Here's the same boy with Maddox

  4. another photo from a fan

  5. Shiloh and Vivienne in LA with their dogs and bodyguard #shi #birthdaygirl #viviennejoliepitt