Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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I am reposting a segment of her interview with Hello to add perspective to the recent post from Showbiz411 on their foundation's most recent tax filing (below).

The financial info in their foundation's 2016 tax filing is from its operations during the 2015 calendar year.  Obviously, nothing that transpired in 2016 could have had any impact on those numbers and cannot be used to explain them. 

In December 2015, Laurent Boillot, president of Guerlain, flew to in Cambodia to meet her.  "We had a really good laugh trying to decipher the different scents and subtleties of the different notes within the perfume, all the while competing with my jungle-strength bug spray." So by late 2015 they apparently already had a deal in place and she knew she would be donating her fee to the foundation the following year.

The foundation acknowledged in its November, 2016 filing questions about the events of September with the statement that "the foundation has no plans for dissolution.”

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You have donated your entire salary from the campaign to charity. Can you please tell us about the work of your foundation?
"It's work is inspired by our children, and their connections to particular countries. We visit the projects together, and the foundation is growing with them. It is dedicated to education, health and the environment. It began 13 years with a TB program in Cambodia, which grew into a program in Ethiopia treating and rehabilitating children and teens with TB. In Namibia our major focus is on conservation and education, funding a wildlife sanctuary, animal rescue program, and healthcare and education for local communities. We are gradually expanding but our focus is very much on enabling local people to develop their own communities and future as well as on rights, particularly for women and children."

You often share your journey with HELLO! and always donate all of your fees to charity, tell me why it is so meaningful to you?
"The funds will be focused on continuing the work our family has been involved in for years, in Asia and Africa, in Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara and Pax's countries of birth. We will help more children get an education. We will provide funds for medical equipment and medicine for two clinics that focus on TB and Aids. We will complete the building of a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia for rhinos and elephants. These and many other projects over the years to come are connected. You cannot do only education in an area with no healthcare. Or focus on environment without understanding how the local population is in need, and what are alternative ways to make a living that support not destroy the environment."
by Roger Friedman

EXCLUSIVE I’ve reported for the last several years on the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, operated by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They’ve been extremely generous with their money. But every year the couple would donate equal amounts into the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, and the money would be doled out accordingly.
But the latest filing for Jolie-Pitt, filed with the IRS last November– two months after their split– shows a major change. Pitt donated $250,000 to the foundation. Jolie’s donation? Zero. Nothing.
Total donations to the foundation came to $460,000, with Pitt’s part the largest. The other contributions were $111,720 from the Australian Center for International Agriculture Research; $69,558 from a Toronto teachers’ pension fund; and $25,000 from the fund’s financial adviser.
Jolie-Pitt had almost $2.4 million in expenses as it looks like they’re depleting their assets in light of the divorce. But this filing is for the 2015 calendar year, and states clearly “the foundation has no plans for dissolution.” Of course, the couple had no plans for dissolution at the end of 2015 either. Of the $2.4 million million, $1.35 million went to actual charities covering the couple’s largesse in Cambodia and other countries. Two executives split $254,000 in salaries, and a philanthropic adviser collected just under $70,000.
Meanwhile, Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation in New Orleans is booming, with $45 million in assets.

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