Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Their trip to London was the first time they had flown commercial since September.  If you didn't know anything about what transpired since September and you just went by their airport appearances, you would say nothing has changed since their last trip through LAX.  They have the same security team protecting them.  They have the same trusted assistants.  And as before, they likely went straight to their home in Hollywood Hills from the airport.  Guest (thanks) shares that Brad's niece posted on social media that they joined their cousins, Maddox and the other kids, for a movie night at their home in Hollywood Hills this weekend.   The get-together was part of a family reunion that was planned weeks in advance as the niece first wrote about it several weeks ago.  

As discussed previously, they were able to appoint Judge Ouderkirk on Jan. 9 because the Custody Stipulation was no longer necessary.  The family had successfully completed the therapeutic process and the children felt and safe and secure enough in Brad's company for him to live with them.  

The children were in therapy with trauma specialists because the plane incident left them fearful of their father.  They didn't feel safe with him and didn't want to live with him.  The problem apparently started some months before with incidents the children mentioned to the DCFS.  The therapists originally estimated that the reunification could take 6 - 12 months because Brad needed to regain the children's trust.  Angelina worked with the therapists to find a way that would allow her to help Brad when he was feeling frustrated but without unduly influencing the children.  Her solution involved joint therapy in support of family therapy and family get-togethers outside of therapy but with a therapist present.  Because the children trust her, by demonstrating to them that she still trusted Brad, she helped them accomplish reunification in a fraction of the estimated time.

From Angelina's interviews with the BBC and GMA, the recent articles that have appeared in People and Hello, revelations about their plans for Miraval, and even including the photos of her tattoos and their symbolic binding, they've laying the groundwork so that official confirmation of the family's reunification will not come as a shock or surprise to the general public.

For those who have followed them more closely, in having Richie direct their security at the airport and specifically closely guarding Angelina, Brad is making an open declaration of their relationship because Richie is his most trusted aide and acts as his proxy.  He lives by the entrance to their compound on adjoining property Brad had sold to him and he appears together with Cynthia Pett-Dante on the deeds of many of Brad's properties as his money manager.  Richie is well-known to the paparazzi and the significance of his presence would be quickly noted -- and they're fine with that.  Since they were likely followed from the airport, the paparazzi would know that the family was back together in their home in Hollywood Hills. 

Just as the Christmas and New Years Holidays helped advance healing, the reunion with the Pitt cousins will likely help bring things closer to full normalcy.

It's best to remember while waiting that they never like to rush and patience is a virtue.😊

Boundaries of the Hollywood Hills neighborhood as drawn by the Los Angeles Times

The location of the family compound in Hollywood Hills

Google map

The photo below (thanks to Pride&Joy) was originally posted by a niece of Brad's in anticipation of their reunion and was reposted by a fan account 6 weeks ago.

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  1. Fussy, the cousins had movie night with the kids at Angelina house in Hollywood Hills it wasn't Los Feliz, sorry!