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Angelina Jolie is not relocating her family to London, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.
Although the filmmaker and activist, 41, will be teaching a course at the London School of Economics starting in September, she will not be moving to the British capital and will instead continue to travel back and forth.
“The rumors are nonsense,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She isn’t moving to London.”
Jolie, who is a special envoy to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, will be a visiting professor at the school’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security, teaching a course specializing in the advocacy work she does on behalf of women’s rights and against sexual violence in war zones. In 2012, Jolie co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI), and in 2015, she helped open the center at LSE.
Since she’ll be a visiting professor, Jolie will not have to relocate and can travel to London as needed while she continues her work.
“America is her home, it’s where her family lives,” another source confirms to PEOPLE. “She has been traveling around the world for her work for 16 years. Nothing has changed.”
Jolie currently lives in Los Angeles with her six kids with Brad Pitt — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — but frequently travels the world for her humanitarian work and filmmaking duties.
Beginning in September through May 2018, Jolie will teach a 9-month course at LSE, focusing on “the ways in which women and gender are understood in relation to, and affected by, regional, national and global peace and security processes in conflict and post-conflict setting,” according to the school’s website.
Jolie gave her first lecture at the school Tuesday morning, where she focused on women’s rights in the context of refugee camps, and how displacement and statelessness makes women and girls vulnerable to sexual violence and other crimes. The class also discussed the connection between the field and the policy work that is being done by governments, as well as the current state of women’s rights.


  1. Fussy , I took a glance at Todays Hello UK Magazine and it has Angelina's Mon Guerlain Interview, most of the answers and uestions are the same but there are additional info in it, she mentions "our children, our foundation" when asked about JPF and her intentions in 10 years time. I haven't got the facility to scan it but if you are able to read it you will find it very intresting indeed, very positive, also this interview is very recent. PS Angelina is on the Times front page same photo from The Evening Standard.

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    Tomorrow's front: Scots want to remain in UK, new poll reveals #TomorrowsPapersToday

  3. Angelina Jolie (UN Refugee Agency Special Envoy) - Sergio Vieira de Mello Lecture 2017
    Published on Mar 15, 2017
    United Nations - UN Refugee Agency Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, delivers the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation lecture from the Palais des Nations in Geneva (Switzerland).

  4. Radiant Angelina Jolie declares herself as a ‘proud American’ as delivers speech on refugees at UN Office in Geneva... and is praised for her 'beautiful and amazing' talk
    She delighted students with her recent lecture on her work with the UN.
    And after her fleeting trip to London, Angelina Jolie headed to the United Nations offices in Geneva on Wednesday for the annual lecture of the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation.
    The Oscar winning actress, 41, looked enthralled as she listened in on the presentation with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi before taking to the stage to deliver a speech of her own.Rousing the audience for her Viera de Mello memorial lecture, the mother-of-six explained: 'We need to stand true to the ideals of the UN...we are the UN.'
    She added: 'There is no shortcut to peace and security... I am a proud American and I am an internationalist.'
    For her speech, Angelina - who is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) special envoy - looked sensational in a navy pencil dress with a square neckline.
    Sérgio Vieira de Mello was a Brazilian United Nations diplomat who worked for the UN for more than 34 years before he was killed in the Canal Hotel Bombing in Iraq along with 20 other members of his staff in 2003.
    Her speech resonated with the audience, with one attendee taking to Facebook to write: 'This was beautiful and amazing.
    'It really made me feel hopeful knowing that there are people in some postions of power who truly care. [sic]'
    Another added: 'Angelina = the adress of peace and love in this world [sic].'
    Angelina's appearance came after she lectured at the Centre for Women, Peace and Security in London on Tuesday, beginning a new master's course on the impact of war on women.
    Despite her nerves, she embodied her new, visiting professor mantle perfectly, paring down her iconic Hollywood image in favour of a simple yet sophisticated longline coat.
    Angelina told London's Evening Standard: 'I’m a little nervous, feeling butterflies. I hope I do well. This is very important to me.'

    The actress addressed a class of students taking the same-titled postgraduate course, Women, Peace and Security - and her speech went down well with the class, who described the presentation as 'wonderful'.
    The course helps scholars, practitioners, activists, policy-makers and students to develop strategies to promote justice, human rights and participation for women in conflict-affected situations around the world.
    They conduct original research and teach with the aim of promoting gender equality and enhancing women’s economic, social and political participation and security.
    As part of her fellowship, Angelina will also be able to conduct her own research in the field.
    The activist spoke about her experience and what has motivated her work as United Nations Special Envoy.
    Afterwards, students were full of praise for the actress, sharing pictures from inside her lecture and calling her presentation 'wonderful'.
    One starstruck attendee reassured the 'nervous' speaker by saying: 'Ms. Jolie, you did wonderfully!' while another simply said: 'Incredible lecture by Angelina today'
    Another post-graduate student added: 'She'll make an amazing visiting professor. So honored to hear her inaugural lecture at LSE on sexual violence, rape, working w/ refugees'
    In her new role, Angelina is invited to attended public events and workshops in association with the course, 'as her schedule allows'.
    She co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative - aiming to end the stigma suffered by survivors of sexual violence, and children born of rape - five years ago.

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    Thanks Angelina Jolie for reminding us, in defense of #internationalism, that true success is about a world where we all can succeed.

  6. Photos of Angelina
    Shaking Filippo Grandi‏ hand after signing
    Renewing #UNHCR's cooperation with #AngelinaJolie - outstanding special envoy for refugees worldwide.

  7. Angelina

  8. Angelina Jolie attracts nearly 1,000 people to Geneva
    Geneva International The envoy of the High Commission for Refugees held a conference at the Palais des Nations on Wednesday evening.
    The arrival of Angelina Jolie in Geneva attracted a thousand people this Wednesday at the Palais des Nations. Many students, but also retirees and fans of the actress: people from all walks of life and all nationalities came to listen to what the star, a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ie in the UN compound.

    After holding a conference at the London School of Economics on Tuesday on women's rights and violence during displacement, the 41-year-old American-Cambodian actress was the Geneva guest of the foundation Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies to honor the memory of the former High Commissioner, killed in an attack in Baghdad in 2003 at the age of 55.

    At 6:15 pm, the arrival of the star, dressed in a blue dress, immediately silenced the grand hall of the Palais des Nations. In a speech of about twenty minutes, she delivered a plea in favor of internationalism and against the withdrawal of nations. Recognizing the imperfections of the United Nations, especially its bureaucracy, she recalled that the organization founded at the end of the Second World War to prevent future generations from becoming the scourge of war was the only way to promote peace.

    "We see a world that is collapsing despite all our efforts. An unprecedented level of conflict and more refugees than ever before. We are seeing the rise of nationalism, hidden under false patriotism, and seeing elected leaders merely questioning international treaties, "she said. "Do we have to turn our back on the world hoping that the storm will end or strengthen our commitment to the United Nations? I am convinced that the only choice that reason requires is the hard work of diplomacy, negotiations and the strengthening of human rights. "

    After this speech, a conversation was established with the High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi and Lyse Doucet, BBC journalist. Students then asked a few questions and then the event continued with a piano recital.

    Tomb Raider, who was appointed Special Ambassador of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in August 2001, was promoted to Special Envoy in April 2012 and has assumed 55 missions in more than 30 countries, Noted on the international stage, intervening with governments in favor of refugee rights.

    The actress has supported UNHCR's programs with multi-million dollar donations. In recent years, it has visited Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Russia , Jordan, Egypt, Chad, Darfur (Sudan) and Lebanon. UNHCR, with more than 9,700 staff in 126 countries, provides assistance to nearly 60 million refugees, returnees, internally displaced and stateless persons worldwide. By 2016, the organization's budget was $ 6.5 billion. (24 hours)

  9. Speech by Angelina Jolie at the Sergio Vieira de Mello Annual Lecture, In defense of internationalism
    We are here in memory of Sergio Vieira de Mello and the 21 other men and women, most of them UN workers, who died with him in the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad in August 2003.

    We remember all those who died, to acknowledge each valuable life cut short, and the families who share, even today, in their sacrifice.

    We also remember them for the power of the example they set: brave individuals from 11 different countries, working to help Iraqi people, at the direction of the United Nations Security Council, and on behalf of us all.

    This is sometimes forgotten: that in serving under the UN flag they died in our names, as our representatives.

    At their head was Sergio Vieira de Mello, a man of extraordinary grace and ability, as so many who knew him testify.

    A man who gave 30 years to the United Nations, rising from a field officer to High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Representative to Iraq.

    From Bangladesh and Bosnia to South Sudan to East Timor, he spent the majority of his career in the field, working alongside people forced from their homes by war, and assisting them with his skill as a diplomat and negotiator.

    Perhaps the greatest testament to his contribution, is how much his advice would be valued today.

    As the Syrian conflict enters its seventh year, as we live through the gravest refugee crisis since the founding of the United Nations, as 20 million people are on the brink of death from starvation in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and northeast Nigeria, I cannot imagine that there is anyone in the leadership of the United Nations who would not welcome the opportunity to consult Sergio, or send him into the field once more. He is truly missed, even today.

    It is humbling for me to speak tonight in the presence of members of Sergio’s family and his former colleagues.

    I never knew Sergio, but I have stood before the plaque in the place where he died.
    I felt profound sadness at the fact that the conflict in Iraq – the source of so much Iraqi suffering to this day - had claimed the lives of men and women whose only intention was to try and improve a desperate situation.

    But I also saw clearly the value and nobility of a life spent in service of others.

    Sergio was a man who never turned down an assignment, no matter how difficult and dangerous - or as others have put it, was “handed one impossible task after another”.

    He was a man, to borrow the words of Thomas Paine, whose country was the world, and whose religion was to do good.

    He will always remain a hero and inspiration to all who follow in his footsteps.

    The UN’s work did not end there, in the rubble of the Canal Hotel, 14 years ago.

    Hundreds of UN staff have served, and continue to, serve in Iraq, as they do from Afghanistan to Somalia, because the task of building peace and security can never be abandoned, no matter how bleak the situation.

    My thoughts on Sergio’s life and legacy derive from my 16 years with UNHCR, the Agency he spent so much of his career serving and representing.

    But I also speak as a citizen of my country – the United States.

    I believe all of us who work with the UN preserve this duality. The United Nations is not a country, it is a place where we come together as nations and people to try to resolve our differences and unite in common action.

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    "There is no shortcut to peace & security" - at the Annual Sergio Vieira de Mello Lecture, delivered by Angelina Jolie

    vic‏ @jesuisangelina Feb 25
    Angelina Jolie was the first one to receive The Sergio Vieira de Mello Citizen Of the World Award for her devotion to humanitarian causes

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    UNHCR's Special envoy Angelina Jolie at the UN in Geneva for a discussion on migrants. @RefugeesMedia @unhcr @ats_Information #ats.

  12. Foreign Office· 4 hrs ·

    Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict

    'Only the credible prospect that those who rape will face justice can deter those who commit or commission these brutal crimes as part of a war strategy'

    UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie spoke at an event marking five years of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative earlier this week:

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    Angelina Jolie leaving UN in Geneva after speech