Sunday, February 19, 2017

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After reading what Luong Ung said, "It is such an honor and a celebration that we come back here to Angkor Wat to do a premiere at the center of our civilization, at the heart and soul and pride of our nation" and after reading the audience response to the film, I am glad and relieved Brad didn't appear and cause a media frenzy which the people in the country could have seen as showing disrespect to Luong Ung and the King and Queen Mother and being insensitive to the Khmer Rouge victims and survivors.

FTKMF will have other premieres not as important or sensitive as this where Brad will get his chance to pose with Angelina, Maddox and the other children on the red carpet.  Any family appearance will give the film a publicity boost which of course it needs being a difficult film to market outside Cambodia.

The other question is obviously if Brad is in the country with them.  I had noted that they had kept a low profile since they arrived. You would normally expect to see her being formally greeted at the airport before such an important event for the country but she wasn't seen until the day of the Royal audience and press conference.  They probably visited her projects in the Samlot area mentioned in the article above. 

Angelina has said that she intends to be at a few screenings and town hall meetings which means the family's stay in Cambodia may stretch to over a week or even longer if they return to Samlot.  The last scheduled screening is Feb. 23 in Battambang which is the province where Samlot is located.  Since Brad is not currently filming anything and has not been seen since 1/25, I believe he is with them, just as he was with them in Crested Butte where they also stayed for a week.  There is no question in my mind that the women we saw were Angela Bissada on the plane and Catherine Green on the ground.  Given the way Bissada rushed to hug and greet Green and the way Angelina and Green embraced, I have no doubt they are the children's two therapists.  Bissada did not greet anyone else on the ground and Green only greeted Angelina and the two boys.

I believe Brad would not miss seeing Angelina, Maddox and Shiloh address the large and important audience and sneaked in when it was dark and the pre-screening program had started.  The vast open air venue makes it relatively easy for him to go in and out incognito surrounded by Angelina's accredited staff.  In this regard it is notable that Maddox said, "It’s a great honor to present this film to all of you, and to stand by my mother and my family."  We've noted from the start their pointed use of "family" was a big hint that there were looking after each other and did not intend to divorce.  Maddox could have just as easily said, "my mother and my brothers and sisters," which would have clearly excluded Brad but he didn't because the intention was to quietly include Brad.  Of course Brad would have preferred to physically stand with them but I think under the circumstances he considers himself fortunate to have reunited with them sooner than initially expected.

It is also notable that Angelina appears much better now than she did in the first post-filing video we saw when she addressed the ICC.   At the time, the strain was visible in her eyes and her cheeks were more sunken.  Now her eyes have now regained their sparkle and her face is fuller.  It is just one of many indications that the problems that weighed on her are over.

The family is already reunited and living together.  They are just waiting to complete the process of clearing the legal actions.  By Monday, it will be 11 days since the Case Summary was last updated -- the longest since Judge Ouderkirk took over.  They have a lot of leeway in timing the release of info.  At this point, the process may already be complete.  Since they've signed and submitted the S&O and the request form, they don't need to sign anything else and they can afford to stay away for an extended period.

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