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Thanks to Lune Lace for the info re the Guerlain campaign.


A black & white photo...recall when she bought a camera from Samy's last year, the photo agency said "Angelina is heard talking about a black and white camera."  That is not to say that the recipient of that camera also took the photo below -- Sara (Thanks) shares that it was taken by Tom Munro -- but it has a similar aesthetic to the W photos taken 8 years ago.

The Glamour Paris article mentions that the video for the campaign filmed by Terrence Malick will show her as an  "Active woman, lover, mother ... Angelina appears in all its facets, with all the emotions that this supposes." 

I was also reminded of the recent Vanity Fair article:
Jolie has developed a reputation for smart press plays throughout her career, especially surrounding her personal life—for example, her 2005 interview with Vanity Fair after rumors of her relationship with Pitt began circulating in tabloids. Pitt appears to be taking a page from the master’s book, limiting his time in the spotlight relegated to scripted moments in service of other artists and charity.


Now that their various reps and friends have been silenced and they aren't accessible, there is no one to corroborate stories like Us' latest on Brad's party in a hotel in Santa Monica.  The site's "source" doesn't appear to know anything more than what can be surmised from the photos -- there was a party at the hotel the previous day and a large balloon arrangement and four bottles of champagne and wine were brought to Brad's car before he left.  I would guess that the design of the balloon arrangement was inspired by Moonlight.  It certainly looks like they had a celebration of some sort given the ratio of champagne vs. wine.

The photos seem to confirm that the Custody Stipulation is no longer being enforced since the kids are home to enjoy the balloons and Brad is not worried about taking a random drug and alcohol test. He is likely bringing the unopened bottles that he already paid for home.

Brad was required to participate in weekly individual and group therapy for the last 4 months.  I imagine the group therapy addressed substance abuse much like AA does.  Angelina's rep pointed out that Brad had volunteered to undergo drug and alcohol tests so it was not included in the stipulation to control and monitor him but so he could prove to Angelina that he was clean.  Evidently his goal was not to be a teetotaler but just to limit his consumption and avoid the combination of substances that brought about his behavior on the plane.  I never expected him to give up wine since they have Miraval and he works closely with the Perrin family.  I doubt if wine alone could have caused his rampage on the plane. 


If there is one thing we know since Angelina filed, it's that all celebrity sites including People have been guilty of printing fictitious or misleading reports.  And then there are the most egregious offenders -- the bottom feeders like Star, Hollywood Life, radaronline, OK -- that print almost exclusively fiction.  I would not trust any report from those sites. 

Grazia is not much better than OK etc. but obviously, aerial photos -- and only the photos -- would be interesting.  I would not pay attention to any accompanying info quoting dubious and likely fictitious sources.  

I had expected that Brad would move out of their family home during the months that Angelina and the kids could not be there as the daily reminder of their absence would be excruciating.  But if he had rented an apt., it would have been very easy for paparazzi to catch a photo of him and there would be neighbors to chat about his presence -- and there was nothing.  I think he probably just moved to another house in or near their compound.


Just to recap and to answer persistent questions:

- The purpose of the Custody Stipulation was to ensure that the children felt safe and secure while they were recovering and were never forced to be in Brad's company.  

- While the Custody Stipulation was necessary, Brad could not visit the house they were residing in and could not be alone with the children.  The additional non-therapeutic visits he was proposing were to take place in a house 10 mins. away and with one his aides also present.  When the family was together over the Holidays in a non-therapeutic setting while Brad was still required therapeutic visits, Angelina arranged to have one of the therapists with them. 

- When the family came back from Crested Butte, the children no longer needed the protection of the Custody Stipulation because they immediately engaged a private judge who does not have the authority to enforce the Stipulation or any agreement.  That means the therapists no longer need to control Brad's contact with the children or ensure compliance with the therapeutic process.  The therapists have released the family from their supervision.  There is in fact also no need for Wasser and Spiegel as their primary roles were to serve as good liaisons between their clients and the mental health professionals

- The Custody Stipulation's key provision was that the children should stay in Angelina's custody.  Since the stipulation no longer needs to be enforced, that means Angelina no longer needs to maintain a separate residence to allow the children to heal in a secure environment away from Brad. The therapists have determined that they've already recovered and now feel safe and secure being with both their parents.  There is no need for the custody requests included in the petition, and no need for the petition.  

Therefore in addition to what we've already discussed here and in previous posts, any photos showing activity in their compound -- toys and installations for the children -- would just  be additional confirmation that they are in fact living back home and things are back to normal with the family..

The family has achieved their long-term reunification goals and Brad is enjoying frequent and continuous contact with all of the children on a joint custodial basis just one month after Wasser wrote that they expected the process to take 6-12 months


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Guerlain Presents Angelina Jolie: The New Icon of Guerlain Parfumeur
PARIS, January 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Guerlain Parfumeur, the French beauty brand since 1828, is honored to announce that Angelina Jolie is the icon of its new fragrance for women. "We create perfumes for the women we admire" said Jacques Guerlain, creator of mythical fragrances such as Shalimar, L'Heure Bleue and Mitsouko. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain's Master Perfumer, drew his inspiration from Angelina Jolie to create a fragrance expressing the idea of the "notes of a woman": the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity. The partnership between Angelina and Guerlain was agreed in Cambodia in December 2015, where she was directing her film First They Killed My Father. It has its roots, however, in Angelina's childhood memory of her own mother's love of a Guerlain powder. Angelina Jolie is a filmmaker, Special Envoy of the UN Refugee Agency and co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. She has donated her entire salary from the Guerlain campaign to charity.

Angelina Jolie, a new perfume muse by Guerlain
By Joy Pinto January 23, 2017
Angelina Jolie, new Guerlain muse © SIPA
With Angelina Jolie, for the first time, the brand of French perfumes Guerlain offers a planetary icon.

The news that a handful of journalists happy few discovered last week during a trip to the factory Guerlain Rambouillet, is now official: superstar Angelina Jolie will embody the new juice of the house.
After the Little Black Dress and its silhouette crunched by the duo Kunztel + Deygas, the house of perfume offers a muse in flesh and bone, and not the least. The Hollywood star, actress, director and Special Envoy of the UN High Commission for Refugees, met by the house on the shooting of her film "First They Killed My Father" in Cambodia, made a commitment to Guerlain, a brand Which she feels close, especially because of the inheritance of her French mother. The whole of its stamp for this commitment will be donated to charities .Angelina Jolie, who is already a fan of the Meteorites powder, will play an important part in embodying the new fragrance story of the house whose details we will be able to reveal to you by mid-February, before discovering the campaign, shot and filmed by Terrence Malik, in March.

Sara (Thanks) shares:

Angelina Jolie é o novo rosto da Guerlain

A notícia, mantida em segredo há meses, foi hoje revelada pela marca. A Vogue esteve em Paris, no evento de apresentação.

(google translate)
The news that we were counting the minutes and seconds to reveal, was today afternoon communicated by Guerlain in his Instagram: Angelina Jolie is the new face and ambassador of the perfume Mon Guerlain, which will go to the market already in March. Susana Chaves, the beauty editor of Vogue, was in Paris last week at the perfume launch in Orphin at the brand's factory where she watched the images of the campaign, photographed by Tom Munro, which Guerlain released now The first of the two photographs that will be used in the campaign.In the presentation, she was also shown the journalists the 1 minute film where Angelina plays the "role" of a multifaceted, seductive and charismatic woman. "Angelina appears extraordinary, beautiful and with a very strong presence, the clip looks like a little movie and it's overwhelming," commented our beauty editor.It is the first time the actress has signed a contract with a perfume brand and the agreement was signed in December last year in Cambodia during the filming of the film First They Killed My Father, which Jolie is making. The second surprise - or perhaps not - was to hear Laurent Boillot, the Brand President, say that Angelina will donate the full value of this contract for solidarity purposes.

Angelina Jolie, nouvelle égérie Guerlain

Le parfumeur frappe fort, très fort, en s’offrant les services de la star pour représenter sa nouvelle fragrance féminine qui sortira en mars prochain. C'est une première pour l’actrice et réalisatrice de 41 ans qui n’avait jusqu’alors jamais accepté les multiples propositions faites par les marques de beauté.

Pourquoi la star internationale a-t-elle dit oui à Guerlain ? Selon son président, Laurent Boillot qui présentait le parfum et la campagne à la presse mercredi dernier, Angelina Jolie a une affection particulière pour cette marque qui lui évoque son enfance. Sa mère, d’origine française, portait une poudre Guerlain dont la petite fille adorait le parfum. La madeleine de Proust, c’est bien, mais cela ne suffit pas ! La maison de parfum a également laissé son égérie prendre une part active à la campagne dont elle est la star pour un résultat qui lui ressemble vraiment. Et enfin, ce qui a certainement achevé de la convaincre : l’intégralité de son cachet a été versé à sa fondation, pas un centime pour elle. Ce qu'y gagne Guerlain ? La renommée internationale d’Angelina Jolie lui permettra de poursuivre son expansion sur le marché mondial avec une fragrance qui devrait séduire de nombreuses femmes.

S’il nous a été demandé de ne rien dire encore sur le nouveau parfum féminin de Guerlain, nous pouvons néanmoins vous dévoiler quelques aspects de sa campagne vidéo. Femme active, amante, mère… Angelina y apparaît dans toutes ses facettes, avec toutes les émotions que cela suppose. Côté photos, deux superbes clichés en noir et blanc montrent la star dans un très beau clair obscur. En voici déjà une !

(google translate)
The perfumer strikes hard, very strong, offering the services of the star to represent his new feminine fragrance that will be released next March. This is a first for the 41-year-old actress and director who had never before accepted multiple proposals made by beauty brands.Why did the international star say yes to Guerlain? According to its president, Laurent Boillot who presented perfume and campaign to the press last Wednesday, Angelina Jolie has a special affection for this brand that evokes her childhood. Her mother, of French origin, was wearing a Guerlain powder whose little girl adored perfume. Proust's Madeleine is fine, but that's not enough! The perfume house also let her muse take an active part in the countryside of which she is the star for a result that really resembles her. And finally, which has certainly completed convincing her: the entirety of her seal was paid to her foundation, not a penny for her. What does Guerlain gain? Angelina Jolie's international reputation will allow her to continue expanding into the world market with a fragrance that should seduce many women.If we were asked to say nothing about Guerlain's new feminine perfume, we can nevertheless reveal some aspects of her video campaign. Active woman, lover, mother ... Angelina appears in all its facets, with all the emotions that this supposes. On the photos side, two superb black and white shots show the star in a very beautiful dark shade. Here's one!


The A-list actress was directing her fourth feature film in Cambodia, First They Killed My Father, when the brand approached her to cocreate a signature scent. Inspired by her first encounter with the brand decades ago in the form of an iris- and violet-scented powder on her mother’s vanity, Jolie, 41, riffed on the distant childhood memory she once described as elegant and feminine.
We’ve seen the bottle and can assure you, it’s understated and glamorous. Bonus: Jolie is donating 100 percent of her salary from the campaign to charity. “We create perfumes for the women we admire,” said Jacques Guerlain in a press release. He obviously means Jolie — and the rest of us, we assume.
Mon Guerlain is Guerlain’s first major perfume deal with a Hollywood spokesperson. This past holiday season, the brand partnered with supermodel Natalia Vodianova on a 2016 Holiday Cosmetic Collection.

A photo posted by Susi Schanelle (@susi_schanelle) on


  1. Thanks, Fussy.
    So happy to hear about Angelina collaborating with Guerlain, and looking forward to seeing more about the campaign in February & March.
    Saw this apparently new photo of Brad on a fan Instagram account:

  2. Just to add, it appears the "new" photos were part of a photoshoot last year for Allied, for GQ South Africa (March).

  3. Some more from GQ:

  4. Us has this news

  5. According to this Vogue article, Guerlain campaign was photographed by Tom Munro.

    " Susana Chaves, the beauty editor of Vogue, was in Paris last week at the perfume launch in Orphin at the brand's factory where she watched the images of the campaign, photographed by Tom Munro, which Guerlain released now The first of the two photographs that will be used in the campaign.

    In the presentation, the journalist was also shown the 1 minute film where Angelina plays the "role" of a multifaceted, seductive and charismatic woman. "Angelina appears extraordinary, beautiful and with a very strong presence, the clip looks like a little movie and it's overwhelming," commented our beauty editor."

  6. Fussy,
    More new Brad photos, say there are of him leaving his hotel, per US story:

  7. Fussy here is the image of Angelina's perfume mon guerlain bottle you can see the whole name at the base of it.

  8. There is also this

    Also this article. It'll be good to see an aerial photo.

  9. Fussy in British Grazia magazine we know its not true but got to give them for imagination LOL

    BANG Showbiz | about 6 hours ago
    LONDON – Brad Pitt has reportedly moved back into the Los Feliz estate he previously shared with estranged wife Angelina Jolie and their children.

    The Tree of Life star had left the Los Feliz estate for a nearby rented apartment in Los Angeles when he split from wife Angelina Jolie last September, while she vacated the property with their children to live in a mansion in the Hidden Hills.

    However, aerial photographs obtained by Grazia magazine show the 53-year-old actor's cars have been parked in the driveway in recent weeks, with neighbours confirming to the publication that he is "there most days".

    And Pitt is said to be remodelling the estate to be as "kid-friendly as possible", in order to boost his bid for joint equal custody of Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twin Knox and Vivienne, with changes he's made so far including the installation of two giant trampolines, a playground, and a 50m skatepark for his oldest sons.

    He is also planning to get out of the outbuilding within the grounds developed into a playhouse for the younger kids.

    A source said: "Brad wants to prove to the courts that he's putting the children's welfare first.

    "Obviously the family circumstances have changed dramatically, but he wants them to feel at home there.
    "He's doing everything he can to try and fight or his kids."

    Pitt and Jolie recently reached an agreement to resolve their divorce and custody dispute in private.

    They announced in a statement: "The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.

    "The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification."

  10. Fussy more photos of Brad out on Monday with a assistant or a friend?

  11. Fussy, you might find this interesting, guess who was NOT at the ski trip in CO with Angelina and the kids , so it seems it WAS ONLY JP FAMILY on that trip AFTER ALL. AJP and Family arrived back home in LA on 3rd January.

    Title: *EXCLUSIVE* Jon Voight and son James Haven out for movie night
    Creation Date: 01/01/2017

  12. Fussy the guy with Brad is actually David Michôd his War Machine Netflix director.So I guess they were at the studio on Monday to discuss that considering they have to start the promotion soon like Angelina's started with FTKMF.

    David Michôd

    looks like him with Brad here

  13. Fussy, Angelina was styled by het stylist Jen TRade for #MonGuerlain she posted this couple of hrs ago on her Instagram.

    stylistjenrade 6h
    stylistjenradeThe rest of this gorgeous campaign coming soon!! Styled by me!
    #repost @guerlain Guerlain Parfumeur, the French beauty brand since 1928, is honored to announce that Angelina Jolie is the icon for its new fragrance for women.
    #MonGuerlain #angelinajolie @adamcampbellhair @desireemorales