Saturday, January 7, 2017

Angelina Jolie emerged right after the new year sporting a Burton parka paired with Sorel’s fur-trimmed boots, and yesterday the Academy Award winner appeared to be back to her sleek form as she jetted out of snowy Colorado. Jolie, who favors one-note looks in black, didn’t deviate from her go-to style, but rather put a fresh spin on her streamlined aesthetic thanks to Everlane’s surprisingly affordable E2 bomber jacket that rings in at just $125.
Jolie has long been a fan of the direct-to-consumer e-tailer, sporting the brand’s loafers at the airport, a sweaterdress on the Today show, and its simple leather shopper everywhere in between. Her latest acquisition, a pilot-inspired jacket, features boyish undertones that make it an ideal topper over a tailored tee. She paired this with flared trousers whose contrast trim at the hem mimicked the zipper trim of her jacket. Lug-sole boots grounded the look with solidly cool style.

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  1. Fussy, remember how many of us were just saying maybe Brad was at the ski resort with the family, well I was looking at the ski lift photo of Pax and whomever that person was in the mask especially the face jaw shape and that pointed chin just reminded me of Brads goatee. When Brad lost weight his face became thinner , I know these photos are 4 or 3 months old but the similarities from the facial structure is quite canny?
    from this

    to THIS?

    PS I know his face started becoming rounder again by December 12-13th when this was taken but still, the chin is very pointy