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In an interview from 2011 (video below), Angelina said, "I'm actually not a great skier.  Brad is really good at skiing with the kids.  I'm really good at eating in the lodge.  I would like to learn, and maybe that (Sapporo) is a good place for me to properly learn how to ski."  (The question starts at 3:44)

They were at Crested Butte in February 2015 and lift attendants spotted Brad at the time.  Angelina does not ski well enough to join him on the same trails.

After all her efforts to enable Brad to join the family for the Holidays, Angelina would not take the kids on any Holiday trip unless Brad could go with them.  They would not have chosen to spend the Holiday in Crested Butte unless the kids -- specifically the boys -- wanted to ski with Brad. 

The main point of this ski trip -- and the other family activities Angelina facilitated -- is to help the children reconnect with their father.   Healing the family is and has always been her overarching goal.

They would have arranged for one or more of the therapists to travel with them so Brad would be able to join the family outside of therapy.  It would also enable them to continue their regular therapy sessions on the road.

The older boys are spending days on the mountain with Brad which indicates that relations between them have vastly improved -- and likely set to improve even further as a result.   Angelina will probably be on the easier trails or have some other activities with the younger kids. 

The Holidays will almost certainly bring them much closer to their end goals thereby enabling them to get there sooner than expected.

They would have had to arrive separately and stay in separate houses.  It may not be til things are back to normal that the kids will be willing to fly on a private plane with Brad.

Even if people are on the lookout for Brad, it will be very difficult to spot him with goggles on and unless confronted with incontrovertible proof, their reps are not going to admit he's there with them.  Recall that her rep quickly spun the (tall) tale that she was buying a camera for Shiloh when photos emerged of her at Samy's Camera store.  They just recently tried to back-track that she organized the Christmas get-together and denied that she was even present.


In answer to some persistent questions:

When the DCFS ended it's investigation, the restraining order against Brad was lifted and he and Angelina were no longer restricted from having direct contact.  Previously, the DCFS' safety plan required that they only communicate through their lawyers.  That safety plan ended when the investigation closed.  The DCFS allowed them to start communicating even before the investigation closed in order to arrange and sign the S&O re custody and therapy that incorporated the DCFS' recommendations.

Like I've said repeatedly, there is no problem in their relationship.  They are and have always been the same couple they were before they boarded that fateful flight from Nice to Los Angeles.  Because Angelina could not talk to Brad after the DCFS met the plane, she was not able to explain to him why she had to file for dissolution and there were a few days when Brad was totally in the dark.  After he hired Spiegel, Wasser was finally able to explain Angelina's actions to him through Spiegel.

The petition was necessary so the children could stay with Angelina and she has a legal basis to maintain sole custody while the children healed.  That is still the reason why the petition is being kept in place.  The DCFS "encouraged" the S&O which is legally part of the petition.  They want the children to be able to heal without outside pressure.

The reason why Brad is still required to have therapeutic visits -- the reason why Angelina still has sole custody -- is because the children do not yet feel safe and secure with him.  That is also the reason why the visits cannot be in their home or in Hollywood Hills.  When the therapists determine that the children feel secure being alone with him, Brad will be able to progress to unsupervised visits.

The DCFS is no longer involved in any way in their case.  Their last act was to "encourage" the S&O and to provide Wasser with the relevant documents.  As her rep said at the time, “This is what Brad and Angelina have decided between each other for the children.”  The emails between Wasser and Spiegel show that Angelina can make the final decisions regarding Brad's visits since she has custody.  But she has decided to follow the therapists' recommendations on what they believe is in the children's best interests.

As Wasser told Spiegel, their role is to be liaisons between their clients and the mental health professionals.   Angelina and Brad can handle between them everything else including deciding the location of the visits.

From the time the DCFS ended its investigation, Angelina and Brad have been able to get together and interact normally as a couple, albeit one that has to live apart for the nonce.  They are not totally denying that there is "interaction" even though they are steadfastly maintaining the public facade of the divorce.

When the children are ready to have "frequent and continuous contact" with Brad, they will have achieved their reunification goals.  They will have no need for the S&O and they can request the withdrawal of their petition.


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Us has no added info and their report is based entirely on the above tweets.

Bundle up! Angelina Jolie and her six kids are celebrating New Year’s Eve in Colorado, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

The Maleficent actress, 41, and her children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — arrived after Christmas, a source tells Us.

Jolie and Vivienne were recently spotted shopping at a toy store on Friday, December 30.

As Us Weekly exclusively reported, Brad Pitt was able to see his kids over Christmas amid his divorce custody battle with Jolie. 

"Brad did see the kids at some point for a holiday gift exchange," an insider told Us. "[Brad] gave them presents and it was cordial.”

A second source told Us that Jolie was the one who organized the get-together.


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    Miraval not for sale says this brand new article dated 1/1/2017
    Their discretion, and family focus, is appreciated by Pitt and Jolie. The celebrity couple made an incredible investment in the Château de Miraval, lavishing care on the property renovations, and Pitt approached the wine with passion and discipline, sending the Perrins wine label sketches he worked on after-hours at a movie set. Wine geeks can rest assured: You’ll be able to quaff the Miraval 2016 vintage, released soon, on your favorite sunny terrace in the spring. “They are safeguarding the domaine and its land for their children, for future generations,” Charles explains.

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    !!!!!! OMG OMG I JUST SAW ANGELINA JOLIE !!!!!!!!!!


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