Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Random Fuzzies

I wrote earlier that her rep has been silent but after waiting a day, they've finally decided to give more information.

The most wonderful time of the year? Not for Brad Pitt. In the new issue of Us Weekly, a Pitt friend says the "sad and frustrated" Allied star, 52, spent Thanksgiving with a pal — not the six children he shares with estranged wife Angelina Jolie

While Pitt had a Friendsgiving in Turks and Caicos, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne spent November 24 at their mom's’ place in L.A. "They had a nice family dinner,” says a Jolie source. “It was quiet.”

The guest list was kid-approved too. Continues the source, “The children did not request to be with Brad on Thanksgiving.” The Pitt friend counters that the decision is Jolie’s alone: “Angie could have had him there if she wanted.”

Both the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI have closed their inquiries into a September incident in which Pitt allegedly got physical with one of his kids aboard a private plane. But despit­e the exoneration, Jolie, 41, continues to keep her ex at arm’s length from the children, who reside with the Maleficent star. “Everything is on her terms,” claims a Pitt insider. “It has been a difficult time for Brad.”

His days may only get harder. The Jolie source ­says the children, who are in therapy as per DCFS recommendations, have yet to decide where to spend Christmas. Says the Jolie source, “That will be discussed with the therapist as the holiday gets closer.”

In the 10 weeks since the split, Pitt has had just a handful of awkward, supervised visits. (Sources disagree on whether there have been more than three.) Pitt, who has joint legal custody and has filed for joint physical custody, is hoping for more face time. “He loves his kids,” the Pitt friend says. “It’s very hard to not be with them.”

and neveragain (Thanks!) shares that the original ET report was edited with a new quote from apparently Angelina's rep:

"The reports that she refused to let him see them on Thanksgiving or originally called a truce and then went back on it are all false," another source explained. "They were never planning to see Brad on Thanksgiving per the schedule created by the children and the family therapist." 


So now we have an explanation from her side.

"They were never planning to see Brad on Thanksgiving per the schedule created by the children and the family therapist."

She has always been sensitive to suggestions that she is keeping the kids from Brad because she wants them to be together

I think the "Jolie source" and the new source in ET is her rep Judy Smith and the information she released was approved by Angelina.

Brad may have made progress but it looks like he has a long way to go.  They're letting us know that things may not be healed in time for Christmas.

“Everything is on her terms,” “It has been a difficult time for Brad.”   While her terms are actually the kids terms, it is still proof that he trusts her.  He has to trust her -- his fate is in her hands.

She has been protecting him probably in more ways than we already know and he knows it better that we do.  But she will defer to the family therapist on how to proceed with helping heal the children's relationship with Brad.  She may want to encourage them but won't want to push them too much.

I previously speculated that his happy demeanor in Europe was because he had a good visit with the kids.  Of course "good" is relative to his previous ones.  But he will undoubtedly have better visits with the family therapist's guidance and Angelina's help.  It is only now, free from other obligations and restrictions, that he can devote himself full time to healing his relationship with his children.

The slow progress so far indicates just how delicate the situation is.  They have to be very careful and they have to very patient.   They want things to be as quiet and peaceful as possible.  And this is critical for Brad's sake not Angelina's. 


I am curious what is the trigger for a response from a rep versus just "a person close to."  The following tweet from Gossip Cop caught my attention because it was the rare "rep" denial.

EXCLUSIVE - Rep: Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson "Hooking Up" Cover Story Is "Fabricated"

After quoting from the article in question it says: 
A rep for the actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this cover story is “completely fabricated” and has “ZERO truth” to it. And, we’ve also learned the tabloid didn’t bother reaching out for a comment on the accuracy of its allegations.


Ever since they jettisoned TMZ, whenever she wants to give a quote, Angelina's rep has preferred to speak to Us and ET than other sites.  People almost from the start has had trouble getting access to her.  But to be fair to People, it omitted saying that Angelina did not invite or call Brad -- which Us did earlier.  I think the story that People posted about Brad having a restful and relaxing trip conformed to the script they wanted. 


-- Fussy


  1. Since I stumbled on Fussy Eye I honestly haven't gone near Laineys Gossip, Just Jared or anywhere else I once frequented for info on the Jolie-Pitts but there is a takeaway from Lainey's that I must now admit is true. She always claimed Angelina was the one with the better plan in handling the media and I always thought she got that wrong and it was really Brad with the media handling skills but nuh uh, it's Angie. Now I don't believe him a slouch at all but I think his talents lay elsewhere and when combined with her deft skills at managing what is and isn't important for us to know, they own it.

    1. I think people actually underestimate his media handling skills. The man has been in the business 20+ years. He is very savvy but no one would ever think that about him. I am now starting to think he may have one of the best games out there but your right when he & Jolie combine their skills there is no match for those 2.

  2. My hopeful self say he went ahead to The Turks so he can scout and plan for a long family vacation with his wife n children and perhaps with his Missouri family. Perhaps they will renew their vows there...

  3. Fussy, are we now to believe US Weekly?

    1. Hope you don't mind me giving my op on this but no, I don't think we're to believe anything that suggests they know the inner emotions of either Brad or Angelina. These two do not surround themselves with people who would discuss them on a personal level with a tabloid let alone a respected publication.

  4. "I am curious what is the trigger for a response from a rep versus just "a person close to." The following tweet from Gossip Cop caught my attention because it was the rare "rep" denial."

    Could it be seen as a required statement when another person is factored in; someone the public actually has knowledge of because of their celebrity? I think we know the Kate Hudson mention (it's happened more than once) was set off by her not so subtle hints about being attracted to Brad. I think it was ignored until the tabs found something they could manipulate and distort. Remember the bodyguard story debunked? Same thing.....public names/false stories and no time to waste in setting the story straight. JMHO.

  5. I really have a hard time believing People and Us Weekly. They have been wrong so many times.
    In my opinion they are throwing information out there, with these so called sources. They need a story, so they are making one.

    I respect you Fussy, I think you are very reasonable. But this one, I'm not buying.

    This is all so confusing that I only believe on info from their reps. All this quietness from both, from his family. Not usual at all, it's very odd, such a nightmare for us fans. So sad. Praying firmly for their healing!

    1. Hello , this one i'm not buying either. Totally fabricated. BA don't talk to tabloids,or their friends, or correct lies. They will give a comment if necessary to legit news or AP. The tabs want reaction from BA , it won't happen, they don't play this game. It's with no end.

    2. "They need a story, so they are making one."

      yep. Angelina's team has tied the tabs in a knot so tight they're gasping and grasping for anything. As for the radio silence, in my opinion they're preparing themselves and us for the future. What does that mean? I don't know other than I believe they are headed to the next phase.

  6. Fussy, found this at Seems someone is pushing back and the tabloids claims but LOl its a source: "The reports that she refused to let him see them on Thanksgiving or originally called a truce and then went back on it are all false," another source explained. "They were never planning to see Brad on Thanksgiving per the schedule created by the children and the family therapist."

    1. See, this is mind _ _ _ _ from the media. They insist on referring to it as a "battle" when it's been anything but! It's like the gossip world's is starting to come undone for lack OF a battle and as for the "male friend?" My money's on his brother Doug.

    2. Doug was on a ski trip with his family for the Thanksgiving holiday.


  7. Once again no one knows where Angelina and the kids are ... or where Brad went after Allied's outing trip.

    It's just the narrative of these gossips who continue, Brad can travel promoting the movie Allied and no one has said anything about him being away from the kids. If it were Angelina would have a thousand stories that she would have abandoned children, that she valued work more than her children.

    Certainly the agreement that Brad and Angelina made in agreement with the prossifional therapists, who made it a point to be something legal, signed between them, to show that they are serious and willing to follow the recommendations and that the DCFS investigation against Brad could Be closed. So he can promote the movie, travel quietly.

    Now that Brad's professional commitments are over and we do not see him anymore, stories of disagreement, war, custody, children, holidays, family on the gossip sites come back.

    No one even noticed that it was Pax's birthday yesterday, when they find out they'll make up one more story.

    The statement from Angelina's representative was clear: Brad and Angelina signed an agreement where Angelina would keep the children and Brad would have therapeutic visits with the children, a recommendation from the pros and more details they could not comment on. They knew they had to speak out to avoid speculation and lies, since even after the investigations against Brad were closed, we would not see him with the children because he has this agreement between them and the therapists (professional DCFS) ....

  8. This is so frustrating. Wish the media would get off their backs. Obviously this is a sensitive situation that is taking it's time. The fact that they are not releasing anymore official statements shows that they are following the guidelines & just getting through to the next stage. Hate that there is no consequence for all the media lies that they are profiting from. Libel laws seriously need to change.

  9. Fussy, as you have pointed out over and over, Brad and Angelina trust each other....they are working together to heal their family.
    I believe Laura because she is speaking directly about the family when she says,
    "I'm going to imagine that she's going do what most of us are doing, which is spending it with her family," Wasser told ET's Kevin Frazier exclusively."

    I cannot believe US Weekly when they do not quote a direct and named source like Laura. Angelina's rep is not being quoted in any of the tabloid articles....US Weekly, Page Six, People, etc. They are using each other as their "source." Or "mulitple sources."

  10. These stories that the tabs are reporting I believe are utter crap. They want so much for the custody war narrative to take place. I don't believe for one second that Brad was in Turks and Caicos. I would need to see pics and a time stamp to prove that. How is he to participate in the "healing of the family" if he isn't around?! The tabs have no clue where Brad spent Thanksgiving and they haven't even acknowledged Pax bday, further proving they know nothing and have no real sources.