Monday, November 21, 2016

Random Fuzzies

Two readers (Agility and Guest - Thanks!) both pointed out this interview:

SPOILER for those who will be watching Allied, do not read further

Again, SPOILER, do not read if you have not yet seen Allied BUT plan to.

In saying "Trust in the person you love" and "Trust in your intuition"  he is referring to his personal life and not his character's.  Marion's character was indeed guilty and not who she said she was.

And he has demonstrated trust in Angelina, the most recent we're aware of was in the open-ended legal agreement.






Los Angeles

By way of a comment I will just quote from my last post:

I've written that from all indications, things are fine between them.  Smiling happily while signing the M&MS disc is just the latest sign.   It was the children's emotional reaction towards their dad (or lack thereof) that necessitated the agreement and has kept them apart. 

Like I wrote previously, the legal agreement they signed is like a pledge between them and a promise to their children that they will do everything to help them heal properly.   They are assisted now by child psychiatrists or psychologists they hired who are working with them to help bring the family together.  Angelina is now free to help both sides.   So even if it's been only two weeks since the DCFS ended its investigation and Brad has been away much of the time, they could have made considerable progress in helping the children "warm up" to their dad.

I think between his trips to China and Europe he had time for 1 or 2 visits with the family -- and it appears they were very good visits.   I believe the fruits of everyone's efforts are reflected in his demeanor and facial expressions.  The worry frown is gone.  He is notably looser and more relaxed and some of the old swagger is back.

They are getting close to achieving their objective of a fully healed family and he is upbeat and happy.   That is why Angelina acted swiftly to thwart attempts to misinterpret her message to the ICC.  She would not have asked the ICC to delete their tweet about her if it was not very important to her.  The family will be together soon and she wants the public's expectations to be pointed in the right direction.

So how soon is soon?  Before Christmas, before his birthday, before Pax's birthday, before Thanksgiving? No clue other than those dates are important to them and they would want to try for each one.


So the very earliest is when Brad gets back from Spain if the child experts are already convinced that the children are ready.  That would happen if his previous few visits before he left for Europe went very well AND they already have preliminary clearance.  Then they would just be waiting for all the paperwork to be ready and for everyone to finish signing.  That's a lot of ifs and it will be a bit tight since a lot of people take off the day before Thanksgiving. 

If things are not yet ready, they can still get together for Thanksgiving if everyone agrees.  If they've already made a lot of progress, no one will insist on strict compliance with the legal agreement.

But Brad's demeanor and Angelina' s actions suggest something more than a temporary get-together.  They are either getting very close or almost there.

-- Fussy


  1. Fussy, thank u for ur continued work and for putting so much time with this. I still don't understand why he had to answer the divorce petition if they already had an agreement in place?

  2. Agree, Brad's demeanor has changed noticeable from first appearance at Moonlight to London. For example, see this interview:

    I hope you're right Fussy. Can't hurt to stay positive.

  3. Your read is plausible. There's something about his demeaner that reads so much lighter.

  4. Fussy don't know if you seen this?

    Brad Pitt says 'trust in the person you love' was the focus of his performance opposite Marrion Cotillard in Allied.

  5. I didn`t like the tone of the People magazine article. But anyway thanks for the analysis Fussy. I hope you right and the whole family can spend Pax and Brad`s birthday together and the holydays too. I`m rooting for them.

  6. The change in his appearance is clear. I really really hope you are right Fussy, with all my heart I pray that the: "both are committed to healing the family" means they all together, the 8 of them under the same roof being the loving family they always were.

    1. I too am praying so much that they reconcile and all his positive outlook is due to him getting his wife and kids back.

    2. Fussy there was a article that said right after the screening Brad and Marion would leave for their houses
      the article said that information was given by the production. So after tomorrow wraps up he's back to LA.

  7. Fussy they are expected in Madrid

    think SPAIN ‏@ThinkSpain 8h8 hours ago
    NEWS: Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in Madrid for premiere of 'Allied' #spain #spanish

  8. Fu,ssy Tomorrow they are in Gran Canaria, I think it's the final Allied promo.

  9. Fussy, from your mouth to Gods ears when you said "But Brad's demeanor and Angelina' s actions suggest something more than a temporary get-together" AMEN Please God let it be good news.