Sunday, November 20, 2016

Random Fuzzy

They've apparently allowed the public in for closer contact with him in Paris, and the public was free to present him with their own items for him to sign.  In Los Angeles the red carpet was lined by a pre-screened group of fans who only had Allied posters.  In the photo below, he is smiling happily while signing the Mr. and Mrs Smith disc -- which he would not be happy to see, much less sign if they were really in the throes of divorce.  I recall video of Brad refusing to sign old cheesy photos of himself he didn't like. 

I've written that from all indications, things are fine between them.  Happily signing the M&MS disc is just the latest sign.   It was the children's emotional reaction towards their dad (or lack thereof) that necessitated the agreement and has kept them apart. 

Like I wrote previously, the legal agreement they signed is like a pledge between them and a promise to their children that they will do everything to help them heal properly.  They are committing to the process and promising not to rush it by following whatever the child experts deem necessary.  They are assisted by child psychiatrists or psychologists they hired who are working with them to help bring the family together.  Previously, with the DCFS, the experts were more concerned about uncovering abuse and keeping the family apart.  They are no longer constrained by a strict safety plan or protective order.  Angelina is now free to help both sides.   So even if it's been only two weeks since the DCFS ended its investigation and Brad has been away much of the time, they could have made considerable progress in helping the children "warm up" to their dad.

I think between his trips to China and Europe he had time for 1 or 2 visits with the family -- and it appears they were very good visits.   I believe the fruits of everyone's efforts are reflected in his demeanor and facial expressions.  The worry frown is gone.  He is notably more relaxed and some of the old swagger is back.

They are getting close to achieving their objective of a fully healed family and he is upbeat and happy.   That is why Angelina acted swiftly to thwart attempts to misinterpret her message to the ICC.  Asking the ICC to delete their tweet about her was not something she would have done if it was not very important to her.  The family will be together soon and she wants the public's expectations to be pointed in the right direction.

So how soon is soon?  Before Christmas, before his birthday, before Pax's birthday, before Thanksgiving? No clue other than those dates are important to them and they would want to try for each one.

An added note:  Brad's posed photos with Marion Cotillard remind me of Angelina's promo photos with Johnny Depp for The Tourist.  They made sure there was visible space between Brad and Marion and Brad's hand closest to her is stuffed firmly in his pocket.

-- Fussy

A reader, neveragain (Thanks!) shares: "check out the dvd he's signing"

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Odeon Leicester Square this evening will be hosting the UK Premiere for Allied in attendance will be #BradPitt #MarionCotillard


  1. Fussy, I read he left Paris immediately after the RC. Not taking unnecessary chances in an environment that could be highly risky.

    Uggh, the adulation of some women...Brad go get your wife and children. Glory of the moment fades, work for the love of your family.

  2. Reviews are starting to come in at rotten tomatoes:

    Currently at 43% with 15 reviews

  3. Fussy Brad is attending UK Allied Premiere tonight, he already had left early yesterday after the Paris one. ‏@UKFilmNews 7h7 hours ago
    Odeon Leicester Square this evening will be hosting the UK Premiere for Allied in attendance will be #BradPitt #MarionCotillard