Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random Fuzzy Weekend 2

There were two significant news items from Angelina's side over the weekend.

The first was that she didn't want Brad to be prosecuted for child abuse,  and further,  that if there was a criminal investigation, she would go "radio silent" and not cooperate.  She was in effect defending him  -- implying that while it was serious and she was very angry, there was no criminal intent and she didn't want him to suffer further.   She was telling the world that things are not as "bad", "ugly" and "bitter" between them. 

Her team had earlier changed their statement to TMZ from  "We're told Angelina is happy with the agreement and her focus is to "heal" her family" to  "We're told Angelina agreed with recommendation because her focus is to "heal" her family and her children."

The most obvious difference between the two is that she didn't want to to say that she was "happy" with the agreement even though she got what she wanted on custody.  The DCFS recommendations must have been a crushing blow to Brad -- who apparently was still in a state of denial and had been confident he would be cleared.  Perhaps out of consideration for his feelings, she didn't want to appear that she was gleeful or gloating. 

The 2nd bit of info was that she had enlisted the services of two top entertainment litigators who quickly put tabloids on notice that she was ready to go to war against "false and inflammatory media reports about Angelina, the children, and every aspect of the family situation."   Bert Fields' letter also reiterated that her children's "protection is the only issue about which Angelina is concerned."

This was an Angelina the tabloids had never seen before because in the past she chose to ignore all the endless stories they had printed regardless of how outrageous they may have been.  The sole exception was when News of the World reported that she and Brad had separated and the news was picked up by mainstream publications. 

Both reports should effectively slow if not stop the stream of stories about a bitter war between them.

From Brad's side there is yet another piece about his current state in Us (one of the publications that undoubtedly got a letter from Fields).  It basically repeats that he's "totally crushed" and "in a bad way."  As I noted in a previous post, every piece of info each side releases is carefully crafted and with a strategic purpose.  This is not to say that Brad isn't truly "crushed" because it is easy to imagine that he would be.  But this is obviously a play for sympathy as it has little new news -- unless you consider his talking to his parents and manager as news.   So the message here is: Yes, he  is guilty of abusive behavior towards his kids but he really loves them and has suffered enough already."   And maybe it has worked and that is why Angelina said she doesn't want him prosecuted; that she doesn't want him punished. She isn't mentioned in the piece outside of the intro.

What I find missing from the reports being released from Brad's side is an expression of regret and remorse.  An acknowledgement of his problems and a commitment to change.  Letting the world know that he is suffering isn't enough.   He could turn things around and win more sympathy if he came clean about what happened, apologized for his actions, and committed to a program to address his problems.  And in the future he could be a valuable spokesperson against substance abuse. 

If you were to look at it a bit more cynically, you could think maybe they're saving that for a future primetime interview before Allied's release.

-- Fussy

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