Saturday, November 21, 2015

By The Sea
Overseas Weekend: $0.24M
Overseas Total: $0.62M
Global Total: $0.93M

5TH UPDATES, Fri. 8:53PM/Sat. 12:06AM & 8AM:

By the Sea its second weekend with an increased theatrical run of 126. It made $59K on Friday, +55% from when it was playing in 10 theaters last Friday. Weekend should come in at $196K, +103% with an estimated cume of $323K. 

Down a bit from last week but again, for a film with very selective appeal, not too bad with an audience score hovering at 60%.


The original The Secret in Their Eyes was an Oscar-winning film from Argentina that I thought was brilliant, haunting and crackling with wit.  I haven't seen the remake, but from the trailer, the tone feels different even if the screenwriter from the original also worked on the remake.

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