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Chris Martin wowed the crowd with songs, ad libs and buckets of charm at Universal’s party Sunday in honor of “Unbroken” on the day before the film’s premiere.
Martin offered a three-song set, starting with “Miracles,” the Coldplay tune from the film. He mentioned that it is heard over the closing credits, as everyone is walking out of the theater, “But if you’re stuck in your seat or looking for your wallet, you’re going to hear it.”
The song is a possible Oscar contender and some awards voters were in attendance; he added “Put your vote in! Or don’t.” He went on with a laugh, “I’m not supposed to say that.”
After his second song, “Viva La Vida,” he clarified with a grin that he’d been fretting during his performance that his comments shouldn’t be misunderstood: “I really do love the movie and the song does mean a lot to me.”
The afternoon event at the Fig & Olive in West Hollywood featured Universal execs including Jeff Shell, and a good contingent from the film, including producer Matthew Baer, d.p. Roger Deakins, editor William Goldenberg and cast members Jack O’Connell, Miyavi and Garrett Hedlund. Hedlund helped Martin conclude his brief set with a duet of “White Christmas.”
Martin told Variety he’s a fan of the movie: “It’s good for your spirit. It’s inspiring and uplifting,” comparing it to “Chariots of Fire.”
If Martin ever wants to give up his day job, he has a future as a standup or talkshow host. Even when being interviewed or accepting praise from fans, he seemed more interested in talking about them than about himself.
The only one missing was director Angelina Jolie, felled by chicken pox. She had done the bulk of the media interviews for the film, including several in the last few days, before her diagnosis; the only things remaining were the premiere and some guild screenings.
As one guest deadpanned, “She’s been to every malarial country on the planet, been exposed to every disease, and then she comes down with chicken pox in L.A.” She is expected to be ill at least though Christmas.
After the event, many guests migrated to AMC Century City for the unveiling of the photo exhibit, “Roger Deakins: Persistent Vision.”

Watch Chris Martin sing Christmas carols with Garrett Hedlund

There was a conspicuous absence at Sunday’s festive Unbroken brunch, held in Los Angeles at posh eatery Fig & Olive. As castmembers Jack O’Connell, Garrett Hedlund and Miyavi mingled with Academy voters, Angelina Jolie was absent, having bowed out of promotional activities on Friday due to a bout of chicken pox. No matter, Chris Martin was there to fill the void, and took the stage for a special performance of Miracles, a song Coldplay wrote for Unbroken. “I left a tip jar at the front,” the musician joked, before launching into the song. While the ballad was beautiful, it was a surprise Christmas duet spurred on by Hedlund that really got the crowd going.
Enjoy Martin singing Miracles, Viva La Vida, and White Christmas with Hedlund — and feel the holiday spirit wash over you. (Watch out for some mild cursing, particularly when Martin jokingly tells voters present he doesn’t give a [expletive] if they vote for the film.) Ah, musicians. You delightfully antagonistic bunch.

Chris Martin Performs Oscar-Contending Song, Charms Voters at 'Unbroken' Party

After finishing his song the Coldplay frontman jokingly told Academy members, "You're free to leave now... put your vote in, whatever you want to do. Or don't. I don't give a f—. It's not gonna affect my life one bit. But it would be lovely"

 Angelina Jolie's Unbroken hasn't even opened yet, but Universal's big Oscar hopeful has already hit a few rough patches. Last week, it was shut out of both the SAG Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. And then Jolie came down with the chickenpox, which precluded her from attending the film's official DGA and Academy screenings and Q&As and will also keep her from attending its Los Angeles premiere this week. None of that will help the film's opening weekend box office on Dec. 25 or its eventual Oscar prospects.
But the film did get a much-needed boost of adrenaline on Sunday when Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, whose original song "Miracles" plays over the film's closing credits, flew in from London to give a special performance at a cocktail party packed with Academy members — including some from its music branch who will determine the best original song nominees — many of whom also were bummed by Jolie's absence.
You can watch Martin's entire 15-minute set in the video below.
"As it happens, I play here every Sunday," the 37-year-old cracked as he took the stage at the Fig & Olive, adding, "I left a tip jar at the front — about five dollars is average, per song, so that would be great — so we can work on the next Unbroken, Unbroken 2: Rebroken and Reunbroken, which will be coming out in 2021. See ya there!"
As dozens of Academy members crowded around, taking video with their smartphones, he proceeded to play "Miracles," as well as the Coldplay hit "Viva La Vida" — and then engaged in a duet with the film's supporting actor Garrett Hedlund (who sang with Martin's wife Gwyneth Paltrow, from whom he is separated, in Country Strong) of "White Christmas."
After "Miracles," Martin jokingly requested that anyone who posted video of his rendition include a "disclaimer" noting that he was aware that he had "f—ed up" the middle portion of it, attributing the blooper to the early hour, 2 p.m. PST, at least early by rock star standards. He then said to the Oscar voters, "You're free to leave now ... put your vote in, whatever you want to do. Or don't. I don't give a f—. I's not going to affect my life one bit. But it would be lovely." He added with a chuckle, "I know that's not really what you're supposed to say!"

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