Thursday, November 6, 2014


'Argo' Oscar winner pulls double duty this year

William Goldenberg won this category two years ago for "Argo" (he was double-nominated that year with "Zero Dark Thirty," his third and fourth career nominations). He is once again cutting an arguable Best Picture frontrunner this year in "The Imitation Game." Though not a traditional war film or suspense film, both themes are present. Structure is a big note here, though, as the narrative cross-cuts between three different eras.

Tim Squyres, Ang Lee's longtime film editor, has earned nominations for both "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Life of Pi." This year, he's been tapped by Angelina Jolie to cut "Unbroken." A film set over a long period of time with war scenes and race scenes, I think Squyres is in good shape, assuming the film delivers from a quality perspective. It remains a mystery in that regard, however, so let's not take anything to the bank. William Goldenberg has also been brought in to do last minute work on the film, it should be noted.

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