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ANGELINA Jolie says she wants to give up acting in favour of directing. 
After the positive reception for her second film, Unbroken, at its world premiere in Sydney on Monday, Jolie told The Australian that directing is now her passion.

“I’m grateful I’ve had a career as an actor and I’m sure I’ve got a few more left in me, but I’d be very happy to say goodbye to that part of my life,” the Academy Award winner says.

She says the creative opportunities offered by films such as Unbroken, the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who spent 47 days in a life raft before becoming a prisoner of war, are more enticing than acting.

“I feel there are so many great actresses doing such great work, unless I’m sure there’s a role or something I should do or (that) really means something to me, I’d rather be spending my time telling stories from behind the camera,” she says.

Since wrapping the Unbroken shoot in Australia last year, Jolie has filmed her third feature as director, the mysterious relationship drama By the Sea. She says it wasn’t as close to the complexity of Unbroken’s shoot, “but it was directing myself and (husband) Brad Pitt in a very heavy dramatic film and that had its own very unusual set of challenges”.

“To direct myself was hard, to direct him was a challenge and to be in scenes with him doing very heavy, heavy drama was difficult,” she says.

“But it was also a great pleasure for us both to bust out of our comfort zones and just get back to being actors who work and fight through scenes and figure it out, and not be safe and not be sure and try and push.”

Jolie says she feels relieved after the premiere of her film. “(It’s) a huge relief (and) it’s not just because it’s something we made and worked on,” she says. “It’s Louis’s story and he’s our friend and it’s his legacy, so none of us wanted to fail him.”

Earlier, in a press conference at the Sydney Opera House, Jolie said she was “so happy to bring the film back” to where it was filmed. She said her Australian crew taught her a few new phrases too.

“We picked up a few things, like ‘too easy’, ‘no worries’,” she said. “No worries is a great thing to hear from your crew when you have 200 extras and a lot to do, sticking planes in the water and a very, very stressful shoot, and you say, ‘Can we do this?’ ‘No worries.’ Thank you. I love it.”

Unbroken opens in Australia on January 15.

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