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Inside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding: the dress, cake and ceremony

 The couple got married shortly before lunchtime on Saturday in the chapel on the grounds of their Château Miraval estate, and exchanged "handwritten vows telling each other how much they love each other and their beautiful family, and they both had tears in their eyes as did everyone else," the insider revealed.

"It was short but loaded with meaning, and it was a lovely way to start life in their new family home now that building work is finally finished."

Family played an important part in the wedding day. Angelina was given away by her eldest sons Maddox and Pax, while Knox and Shiloh acted as ring bearers. Zahara and Vivienne "had baskets of rose petals and other flowers they'd picked in the garden that morning" and they threw them in front of their mum and dad as they walked down the aisle.

 The boys all wore matching cream linen suits, just like Brad's, while the little girls had each "chosen a dress to match their individual style" that were specially made.

The only other guests at the ceremony were Brad’s family; his parents Bill and Jane Pitt, his brother Doug and sister Julie – "no more than 22 people in total". Angelina's father Jon Voight was not in attendance, although he has since released a statement saying how happy he is for the newlyweds.

After the wedding ceremony, the family returned to the Great Hall in the main house for a celebration lunch with "local hams, cheeses, freshly-caught sea bass, Italian pastas and champagne, as well as Chateau Miraval rose wine" (Angelina and Brad's own brand).

"There were three different types of cakes, all picked by the kids – one was a strawberry ice cream one, another was a three chocolate gateau and a third had fresh cream and raspberries.

"It was a lovely, happy day with lots of laughter and meaning that the entire family will remember for the rest of their lives." 

by Natalie Finn

Warning: Super-romantic details ahead.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for so long, it's weird to suddenly be referring to them as newlyweds, isn't it?

But though they've been practically married in our eyes for years, that's just what the dashing couple are. The pair familiarly known the world over as "Brangelina" finally tied the knot Saturday at their family's main homestead, the palatial Château Miraval in southern France—and we're hearing that pretty much everyone who knows them thinks this marriage is going to last...and last.

"They are genuinely in love and happy and very, very romantic with each other all these years after they first got together," an insider close to the couple exclusively tells E! News. "They still go on date nights and write love letters and even go on naughty weekends away with just the two of them."
Angelina and Brad have six children—Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax and twins Knox and Vivienne—who they're infinitely devoted to, but obviously it's understandable just how important their alone time is.

Meanwhile, though they have to spend the occasional weeks apart while they're working, our source says that Brad continues to keep his love close to his literal heart.

"Brad even has one of Angie's love letters, which is inscribed in tiny writing in a gold pendant he wears around his neck," the source says, "and he hasn't taken that off since the day she gave the pendant to him as a present over seven years ago. That's how sweet they are with each other."

We've known about Brad's love letter pendant for a few years now, but it is rather heartwarming to hear that the necklace hasn't budged since then.

And starring in the same movie once again—the indie drama By the Sea, which Jolie also wrote and will direct—should give them a nice chunk of married-couple together time as well.

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But aside from the spot-on, under-the-radar timing and the fact that the celeb-fan world has been rather preoccupied with the future nuptials of one George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin all summer instead, what compelled Pitt and Jolie to become husband and wife at this particular time, more than two years after getting engaged?

"They see each other as family and never even argue these days," the insider gushed. "They're both serious about spending their lives together. There's talk of them both changing their names to Jolie-Pitt to match the kids. They love that idea and are very likely to go ahead and do it officially very soon."

We have no doubt that Mr. and Mrs. Brangelina will accomplish every single thing they set out to do together, co-partners in a forever venture.

08/29/2014 AT 07:30 AM EDT

They finally tied the knot. Now, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading to their honeymoon – and it's a sexy mix of work and play.

Pitt, 50, has been doing press in London (where he gave a peek at his new wedding ring!) for his upcoming World War II drama, Fury. But the actor is expected to soon join Jolie, 39, in Malta, where she is prepping for their first onscreen reunion since 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Here's where things get really interesting: The film, By the Sea, which has been described as "an intimate, character-driven" drama and was written by Jolie herself, is far from family-friendly. Pitt and Jolie play a married couple in the south of France who become sexually obsessed with their neighbors. (One of the neighbors is played by French actress Mélanie Laurent, who costarred with Pitt in 2009's Inglourious Basterds.)

"I wrote something a few years ago for Brad and me," Jolie told PEOPLE in May of her script for By the Sea. "Just for fun. Just an independent little art piece. Because we don't get to do those as much as we'd like. But it's something really small and experimental."

The couple have gotten tantalizingly personal in the past, with Pitt telling CBS This Morning in 2012 that Jolie "is still a bad girl. Delightfully so. It's not for public consumption."

His comments came after Jolie expressed the same sentiment to 60 Minutes, revealing, "I'm still a bad girl. I still have that side of me. It's just in its place now ... It belongs to Brad."

Reporting by MARY GREEN

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