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Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight is flying to see the newlyweds after being kept in dark - as couple won't celebrate with a break as 'their lives are one long happy honeymoon'

  • Jon Voight only found out about the top-secret wedding this morning
  • The actor - who had a long right with his daughter - says he understands why he wasn't invited
  • Asked about Angelina's three husbands, he says: 'Well, she's been together with Brad for a while, so they must be happier than she was with the other husbands
  • Couple had had a few days with the kids in France - but won't have an official honeymoon

Actor Jon Voight is flying to Europe to join his daughter Angelina Jolie and her new husband Brad Pitt after being kept in the dark over their top-secret wedding, he revealed today.
Mr Voight, 75, only found out that his daughter had tied the knot with her partner of nine years this morning.
But he told MailOnline that he could not wait to see the new Mr& Mrs Pitt, revealing: 'I'm going to Europe to see them all this week, I've been waiting a long time for this wedding to happen, everything is cool, I'm very happy.'
Angelina and Brad have been seen in Malta where they are filming their new movie By The Sea.
And Voight added he was up for a bit of baby sitting to allow the Pitts some alone time.
Speaking about his three-times married daughter's choice in men - she was previously married to actors Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton - he said: 'Well, she's been together with Brad for a while, so they must be happier than she was with the other husbands
'I really like Brad, we get to bond by playing golf together.
The Hollywood star said he can't wait to see his grandchildren, but said he wanted to make sure that Angelina looked after her health following her double mastectomy operation.
When asked if he was upset at not being invited to the wedding on Saturday, Voight said: 'I'm not disappointed, I understand.
'The children have been bugging them for a long time to get married and the time was right.'
And in case, the actor had to go to the Emmys on Monday night, where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a drama for Ray Donovan.
E! today reported that Brad and Angelina spent most of this week enjoying their honeymoon together, surrounded by their six children.
"The honeymoon was a few days enjoying Miraval and how much space they have now,' a source said.
'The kids went quad biking and swimming on the afternoon of the wedding and that night they all had pizza in the garden. The whole thing was very Brad and Angie. They're low key and much more about romantic gestures than they are about having a big, flashy multi-million dollar wedding.'
Despite a previously somewhat fractious relationship with Angelina, Voight said that he often got to see his grandchildren and spend time with his daughter and her family.
His comments came hours after he woke up to the news his daughter had got married on Saturday in France - and could only say 'That's Nice' when confronted by  Inside Edition.
Voight and the 39-year-old actress were estranged for nearly a decade but famously reconciled in 2010.
They famously fell out in 2001 after the actor told Access Hollywood that his daughter had 'serious mental problems' and pleaded with her to seek help.
An upset Jolie responded with a public statement saying she did not think it was 'healthy' for her to be around her father.
Relations had apparently already become strained after Jolie learned Voight had had an affair behind her mother's back.
Voight later revealed that the reconciliation occurred after he was struck by an emotional epiphany, leading the Oscar-winner to change his attitude 'in a moment'.
He said he now lives for his family and in 2011, he said: '‘I suddenly saw things differently and everything shifted. That one moment changed my whole life.
'It gave me back my daughter and my family. Being reunited with my Angie is very precious to me. I adore my grandchildren, they are my great love. It makes me so emotional and grateful.
The E! insider added that the Hollywood heavyweights will most likely 'donate some money to charity to celebrate this milestone.'
'It was a beautiful few days. Brad is now in England while Angelina is in Gozo preparing for shooting on the movie they're doing together.'
And aside from their recent relaxing days at home, we're told that the two won't be embarking on a special one-on-one trip to celebrate anytime son.
'They say their life has been one long honeymoon. They've always been very romantic and will keep celebrating this wonderful happy time in their lives for as long as they can.'
Jolie and Pitt arrived in Nice on Saturday for their nuptials, believed to have been held at Chateau Miraval.
Jolie reportedly walked down the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox, 13, and Pax, 10, on each arm while her daughters Zahara and Vivienne threw petals, and Shiloh and Knox served as ring bearers.
The secret wedding seems to have been a quiet affair although Brad's brother Doug Pitt, sister Julie Neal and their respective families are believed to have been there.
Speaking from his home in Springfield, Missouri, Doug, 47, said: ‘I’m letting Brad make all the statements, it’s all good though.’
Brad’s parents Jane and William, were also believed to have attended the wedding but when William was contacted at his home in Springfield this morning he declined to comment.

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