Monday, July 17, 2017

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I greatly appreciate the hard work to find and share with us reports and photos such as those below.

On the other hand, there are those who bring over things I am not interested in: what the tabloids have concocted, other people's theories, sniping between fans or rants against anyone.  I skim through the comments and any that appear to be along those lines, those that are trollish in nature and those from commenters obsessed with the same theme get swiftly deleted unread.  It is a wasted effort to post those here.   I consider once a troll/nuisance, always a troll/nuisance and all their subsequent comments get summarily deleted regardless.  This is true for new and old commenters.  One strike and you're out.  My thinking on comments has evolved so as not to waste my time while still keeping the comments section open.  As it says above, this blog is highly selective and opinionated.  I am sure there are many other sites where such comments / commenters are welcome but I don't need or want that kind of traffic. 

-- Fussy

Thanks to Pride&Joy

Groen: Namibië - bringing wild magic to kykNET yet again from 12 July. This third season of the ever-popular conservation television series is set to wow audiences with wildlife wonder every Wednesday at 8:30PM South African time (7:30PM Namibian time) on DStv's KykNET channel. Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren of the N/a'an ku sê Foundation will take viewers on a captivating journey over 13 weeks ... from the fascinating world of the N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary itself, the enthrallment of Namibia's desert horses and their tenuous hold on life sharing a harsh terrain with hyenas, the lure of Africa's gentle giants, to the ancient and enchanting culture of the San Bushmen (with a myriad of exquisite content in between). This third season, sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited, also showcases the natural history of Namibia's wildlife at its best. South African conservation endeavours also spice up the program, with our dynamic duo immersing themselves in the exceptional everyday life of a rhino sanctuary and relocating lions (for very valid reasons) to the beautiful and conservation savvy Buffelsdrift Game Lodge in the Western Cape. Don't miss the first episode tomorrow night at 8:30PM South African time (7:30PM Namibian time) on kykNET - you're in for some striped surprises in the amazing realm of the aardwolf: #naankuse #volunteerafrica #GroenNamibië #kykNET #MarliceVanVuuren #WildJobsNamibia #NaankuseWildlifeSanctuary
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