Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Red interview took place in April, before Brad's GQ Style interview came out.  It was probably around the time of Mariane Pearl's interview for Elle France which also took place in April.  Some of the responses re Guerlain are repeated word for word.   It may have been conducted via email since the writer refers to being "in touch" and having an "exchange."

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Angelina Jolie talks to Red

Alexei Hay for Guerlain

'Know yourself, be kind to others and you will weather the storms.'


For the first time, Angelina Jolie has become the face of a fragrance. She talks to Red, exclusively, about motherhood, nostalgia and handling the hard times.

I last interviewed Angelina Jolie a few months before her wedding to Brad Pitt. She sat poised and elegant, her back arrow-straight, her eyes glistening with pride as she talked about her children and her career: feature films she was starring in, scripts she was going to direct and her long-standing humanitarian work in Africa and beyond. Those famous lips were pouted ever-so-slightly, and erupted into a smile when I asked about her then-fiancé, someone she described as her “best friend” and a “great man”.
Three years on, and I’m in touch with Jolie once again, fresh from the announcement that she is the face of Guerlain’s new fragrance, Mon Guerlain – her first beauty endorsement, and one she soon tells me is incredibly personal to her. And what a three years it has been. In addition to the fragrance campaign, Jolie has directed three critically-lauded films – By The Sea, Unbroken and First They Killed My Father – while her passion for that other great role, being mother to Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, eight, is unwavering. “It’s the most exciting thing to watch them become the unique individuals that they are,” she tells me, from her home in LA.
The fact that Guerlain is a French brand was one of the reasons Jolie agreed to partner up. She’s spent a lot of time in the country, and filmed herself and Pitt there in By The Sea. But Guerlain is particularly personal to her because it was the brand of perfume worn by her beloved mother, Marcheline Bertrand (she favoured Shalimar), and is synonymous with Jolie’s own childhood. “Guerlain spoke to my mother, as it does to me, of beauty, history and quality,” says Jolie. “I don’t like perfumes that are too strong or sweet; I like a fragrance that is earthy and sensual and can be worn at any time.” Mon Guerlain, which, with its notes of lavender, vanilla and sandalwood, is a nod to one of the most offbeat but beautiful Guerlain scents of all time, Jicky, ticks these boxes, but it’s the integrity of the brand that’s important, too. “As I talked to Guerlain about their ethos and the artistry they devote to the making of the perfume, and the way they work in communities, sourcing their ingredients, the pieces came together and I felt we were a match.” Far from being just another actress fronting just another campaign, Jolie researched their commitment to sustainable development before agreeing to work with them. “I was impressed by their strong sense of responsibility towards the communities they work with and towards the environment,” she adds.
Jolie has recently turned 42, so I ask her what life advice she wished she’d had when entering adulthood that she would most like to pass onto her children. “That if your intentions are pure, the battle is half won,” she replies. “That things will change shape, and there will be highs and lows. But know yourself and be kind to others, and you will be able to weather the storms.” It’s a typically insightful and philosophical soundbite from Jolie (I’ve yet to watch an interview where her answers aren’t considered and articulate). But it’s hard not to think just how much this perspective means to her now, more than ever. Because while her career has flourished in the three years since our last meeting, her marriage… less so. Last September, Jolie and Pitt announced their plans to divorce...

The full interview appears in the August issue of Red, on sale Tuesday 4th July


  1. Fussy,The Interview is good. If you click on the sceen caps you can make it bigger you can read it


    PS Hello magazine have'nt mentioned Brad or Angelina at all for last 2 weeks issues. Glastonbury was covered but he was not mentioned no photo at all.

  2. New candids of Angelina and Vivienne shopping today on July 4th in Los Feliz, CA.