Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The twenty-second anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica was marked last night in London in the organization of the British foundation “Remembering Srebrenica”. Famous actress and director Angelina Jolie, who already visited the Memorial Center Potocari, addressed the attendees via video message.
“We are with them. We must never forget,” said the famous Hollywood actress. She particularly noted the need to fight against hate and intolerance.
“Wherever hate is not disputed, the violence is only a few steps away,” she noted. “Anyone who ever visited BiH knows that Bosnians are warm and opened-hearted, tolerant and deeply humane with a sense of humor to match. They are also strong, extraordinary resilient people who endured genocide and ethnic cleansing and emerged with their spirit unbroken, while everything else was ruined around them. Bosnians do not complain. They are humble people. They do not put themselves up for a special treatment or attention,” said Jolie.
She added that the mothers of Srebrenica are telling another story because they are still waiting to bury their beloved ones.
“Each year, more victims are painstakingly identified. Today, on the anniversary of the genocide, there are fresh graves in the cemetery in Potocari. When I think on Srebrenica, I picture its green, wooded hills and a broad valley. My mind turns to Sarajevo, and the cafes on stone streets of its old town, with the Cathedral, minarets, and the synagogue. And I still find it hard to believe that genocide could happen, there, within a few hours from European capitals, during our lifetime. The lesson for all of us is that whenever hatred and intolerance and aggression go unchallenged, violence in different forms is only a few steps away. And sadly, none of these things are consigned to the past, they are deeply rooted in human nature. They are in contrast to everything we love dearly in democratic societies,” stated Jolie.


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    Following an opening speech @DrWaqarAzmi, #AngelinaJolie addresses the Survivors via moving video msg during #Srebrenica #UK Commemoration


  2. Afghan 'Little Picasso' found in refugee camp
    Farhad Nouri is known as the "Little Picasso" in this refugee camp.

    This 10-year-old Afghan boy, who is stranded in Serbia with his parents and two younger siblings, earned that nickname for two reasons: he knows how to draw and venerates Pablo Picasso.

    "One day I will do a drawing of Picasso too," Nouri says with a broad smile.

    For now, Nouri has made drawings of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, actress Angelina Jolie, Salvador Dalí and Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, among others.

    His talent has made him a local celebrity. He recently met American actor Mady Patinkin, who works with refugees for the International Rescue Committee and urged US President Donald Trump to be more sympathetic to those displaced from conflict zones.

    Nouri likes to make portraits of his relatives and friends, draw castles, nature and anything else that comes to mind. The painting, he says, has helped him to survive the hardships he has experienced in escaping from his country.

    "We go through Turkey, through Greece," the boy said. "Here in the camp I like to paint, I like to express my feelings and draw faces".

    Nouri's family is part of several thousand migrants stranded in Serbia, trying to reach Western Europe at a time when countries greatly restrict migrants' entry and increase rejection of immigration.

    Last week, neighboring Hungary tightened asylum requirements, even allowing migrants to be housed in cargo containers at the border.

    Nouri said his family would like to go to Switzerland or the United States. As time goes by, he is forgetting about his life in Afghanistan, says the boy.

    "I remember the door when we were leaving, I remember that day," he says. "If I concentrate a lot, I remember some things."

    The temporary home of the Nouri in Serbia, where the family has applied for asylum, is a narrow, damp room with cots, a closet and a small table.

    It is a building that once housed workers and served as a refugee center during the wars of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

    Nouri said he plays with other refugee children and attends Serbian classes. He usually draws at night, in his bed, when there is no noise outside.

    "I learn alone. Sometimes I see videos on YouTube and I learn, "he said.

    Nouri hopes his family can start a new life in Switzerland. He dreams of being a painter and photographer someday. He also wants to play guitar.

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    #Srebrenica Angelina Jolie gives message at Nat. Mem Remembering Srebrenica 'wherever hate goes unchallenged, violence is a few steps away'

  4. Angelina Jolie: Srebrenica should never be forgotten
    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is in addressing the video message as part of the program in London, dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, said that genocide in Srebrenica must never forget, there Anatolia.

    Jolie has sent a strong message to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the mothers of Srebrenica.

    "With them we are. Never forget," said Hollywood actress audience.

    She emphasized the need to combat hatred and intolerance.

    "Wherever that hatred does not dispute, violence is only a few steps," said Jolie.

    British foundation "Remembering Srebrenica" with headquarters in the UK in London organized a night dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

    Members of the "Remembering Srebrenica" in occasion of the Srebrenica genocide this year organized a variety of activities which recalled the horrific crimes committed against Bosniaks in Srebrenica in 1995.

    Attendees were addressed yet and Munira Subasic and Hasecic.