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Ad Astra has been pushed back to Sept. from the mid-July date James Gray mentioned last April.  This may be why they've been talking about scheduling issues with her and Bride of Frankenstein.  She probably can't start Bride until January and it already has a Valentine's Day 2019 release date.  The Mummy started filing April 6 and was in post by July 18, 2016 in time for a May 22, 2017 release.  Bride can wrap up filming in April 2018 and make its release date assuming the same or less VFX.  So barring further delays, if she wants to, it is doable.

The more interesting question is if the Ad Astra delay is production-related or therapeutic process-related.

Recall from his end of March GQ interview:
And now I have been having moments of joy, and you wake and realize it's just a dream, and I get a bit depressed for the moment. Just the moment, just glimpse moments of joy because I know I'm just in the middle of this thing now and I'm not at the beginning of it or at the end of it, just where this chapter is right now, just smack-dab in the middle. It's fucking in the middle of it and, you know, I just don't want to dodge any of it. I just want to stand there, shirt open, and take my hits and see, and see.

"How do you tell your kids?
Well, there's a lot to tell them because there's understanding the future, there's understanding the immediate moment and why we're at this point, and then it brings up a lot of issues from the past that we haven't talked about. So our focus is that everyone comes out stronger and better people—there is no other outcome."
Two months after the interview, the question is: if they are now finally "at the end of it" and have finished resolving all the issues from the past, or if they need more time to make sure they will have a fresh, new start as a 'stronger" family free from the vestiges of old problems.


Other than her official PSVI and UNHCR appearances in Kenya, there have been no reports of sightings of her and the kids since LAX.   There is no confirmation that they were in Ethiopia or elsewhere in Africa.  Their efforts to help animal conservation in Namibia would benefit from more publicity to enlist the public's support. They've publicized their previous visits.  Security is already tight in the sanctuary because of poaching concerns and they had obtained the Namibian government's assistance in keeping the paparazzi at bay when Shiloh was born.  But one week after they presumably headed for Africa, there has been no sign of them.  Given that people were on the lookout for them, successfully avoiding detection would have entailed extraordinary measures and logistics.  But the easiest way to avoid detection is, of course, not to go when and where they were expected.

Photo sightings
June 17 - with the kids in LAX
June 18 - Brad with Dede Gardner at Nice airport
June 20 - UNHCR & PSVI in Nairobi, Kenya
June 22 - Brad in Zurich, Germany, Venice
June 23 - Brad at Glastonbury Festival

-- They've alternated going out in public since they left L.A.
-- This is the longest they've been away from L.A. since last year.
-- This is the first time any of them has been back in Miraval since before that fateful plane ride last September.  It should evoke powerful memories.  Among other things, that was when Angelina filmed her Mon Guerlain commercial with Terrence Malick.  She then went on a trip to London and Lebanon and the children were fine being left alone with Brad who had overseen the chateau's extensive renovations to make it more suitable for the family and conform to their taste and vision.   If they are still far from getting back again to that point, the memories would likely be too painful for him. 
-- Their week-long family vacation in Crested Butte helped speed up their progress and they may be looking to cement their gains with another family vacation at this point.

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EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Lee Jones is in final talks to star with Brad Pitt in Ad Astra, the working title of the futuristic sci-fi epic that James Gray co-wrote and will direct for New Regency. Production begins in September. Details are being kept close to the vest, but here’s what I’ve heard. In Ad Astra (which means “to the stars” in Latin), Pitt would play the slightly autistic space engineer Roy McBride. Twenty years after his father left on a one-way mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, McBride travels through the solar system to find him and understand why his mission failed.

I’ve heard that Jones will play the father, and that the film has a bit of Heart of Darkness vibe, set in deep space. Pitt firmed in the starring role last February as the World War Z  sequel with his Fight Club director David Fincher took longer than expected and Paramount pulled it off the release calendar. Pitt produced and was originally expected to star in Gray’s lauded The Lost City of Z, which premiered at the New York Film Festival and was released by Amazon Studios. Pitt was also once attached to Gray’s The Gray Man. Third time’s the charm, and Pitt now has one of the great actors working alongside him in Jones, who most recently completed the Rob Reiner-directed Shock and Awe and the Ron Shelton-directed Villa Capri 
Gray wrote the script with Ethan Gross, and RT Features financed development. Plan B is producing with Gray, RT Features’ Rodrigo Teixeira, Keep Your Head Productions’ Anthony Katagas and Mad River’s Marc Butan. RT Features’ Lourenco Sant’Anna and Sophie Mas are exec producing.
Jones is repped by CAA, and attorneys Bill Jacobson and Stephen Golden.

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