Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There was a report earlier that Brad attended Steven Klein's birthday bash thrown by W magazine in NY on Sunday.  But these photos and video in and outside Houeseago's studio were taken on Sunday, April 30.  Obviously, he couldn't have been in both cities on the same night especially after he apparently spent most of the day at the studio.  In the absence of photo evidence, I will discount the earlier report.


Caption:  Brad Pitt was spotted leaving the LA art studio on Sunday night after a long night working on his current passion project

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  1. Hi Fussy , I'm glad Brad did teh interview and answerd many but few questions and you did say he would do this, unlike the Brad of past years.Brad tells the writer that he should see Angelina's movie. I think it was because the writer has written about the Khmer Rouge and he thought that it would be of interest to him. Also think the writer put it in the article because he has strong feelings on the subject, too.