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Guerlains Duftpoet Thierry Wasser (Mon Guerlain, Jan 2017)

Q. Everybody wants to know: have you met her?
A. Everybody really wants to know that?
Q: Me.
A: I did.  I did.  It was while she was making the movie to promote our fragrance.  She was rather busy because she was part of the directing team as being the main actor.  But during the pauses -- it took two days of shooting the movie -- so I had time to interact with her and I really, really was stricken by her presence.   And also we have so many common ground stories to tell.  Her love for Africa, protection of kids, and support of women in Asia, in Africa for example through her different fights.

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Thierry Wasser ist nun seit fast 10 Jahren ParfĂŒmeur fĂŒr das Haus Guerlain. Er gehört zu den grössten seines Faches und hat trotzdem nie die Bodenhaftung verloren. Sein ironischer Humor ist ĂŒberwĂ€ltigend. Das erste Mal traf ich den gebĂŒrtigen Schweizer, er wurde in Genf geboren, vor drei Jahren, anlĂ€sslich der Lancierung des Duftes L’Homme IdĂ©ale, in ZĂŒrich. Wir sassen auf der Dachterrasse seiner Hotelsuite bei schönstem FrĂŒhsommerwetter. Auf meine einleitende Frage, ob er denn in der Schweizer Schule nicht auch Deutsch gelernt hĂ€tte, bestĂ€tigte er. Allerdings hĂ€tte er die Sprache lĂ€ngst verlernt. Zwei Sekunden spĂ€ter begann er in einem Glockenklaren Hochdeutsch mit mir zu reden. Aber das Interview wollte er dennoch lieber auf Englisch fĂŒhren. Als ich ihn nun vor einigen Wochen anlĂ€sslich der Duftlancierung des jĂŒngsten Duftes von Guerlain, «Mon Guerlain» in ZĂŒrich wiedertraf, kam ihm sofort unser lustiges Erlebnis wĂ€hrend meines letzten Interviews wieder in Erinnerung: als wir sprachen fiel plötzlich ein feiner SpĂŒhnebel auf uns herab. Er roch intensiv alkoholisch und bissig. Keine Wolke war am Himmel zu sehen. Nach lĂ€ngerem rĂ€tseln, standen wir auf und schauten ĂŒber die TerrassenbrĂŒstung. Ein Fensterputzer hing einen Meter unterhalb auf einer mit Seilen befestigten Gondel und sprĂŒhte die grossen GlasflĂ€chen fleissig mit seiner Putzlösung ein…fĂŒr mich ein unangenehmer Geruch, fĂŒr Wassers hochsensible Nase wohl unertrĂ€glich und offensichtlich unvergesslich.
Was er mir zum neuen Duft und auch zu seinem Zusammentreffen mit dem berĂŒhmten Gesicht dazu, Angelina Jolie, verraten hat, könnt ihr im Video verfolgen.


  1. Qumra 2017: Rithy Panh on films, Angelina Jolie
    Cambodian-French filmmaker Rithy Panh’s films are rooted in his first-hand experience of living in a remote labour camp under the Khmer Rouge regime, where he experienced personal losses, including witnessing his family die of starvation and exhaustion. Also a writer and producer, Panh most recently produced Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father, a biographical film of Loung Ung’s memoir.

    We also now have Angelina Jolie’s perspective on Cambodia through her new film First They Killed My Father, which you’ve produced. How would you describe your involvement in the film?

    We are exposed to a lot of Angelina Jolie through the magazines, but she’s a really nice person. She’s a very good activist and has a very good conscience and consciousness about how people live and fight. She’s smart and she wanted to make a film about the country of her adopted son. Cambodia changed her life in a certain way. When she asked me to help her to produce the film I said OK and we talked about it.
    When I make a film maybe 10 people will watch it. When Angelina makes a film thousands will watch it and maybe they will be more curious and they will read the book or watch my film or something else.
    Hollywood makes films, but Angelina has good intentions — she made a film with us and not about us. Some people come to us and just take the story and make the film. It’s not how she made the film in Cambodia. She was very respectful, involved the local community.
    We discussed a lot about the history and the topic, but it’s her film. When I’m a producer I am only there to support what the director needs from me. But in the end, it’s the director’s film.

  2. Posting part of it due to word count:

    Hollywood Comes to Cambodia
    At a press conference a few hours before the premiere, Jolie said she had been taken with the young people on set. “I didn’t know which actors we would find, and I didn’t know what to expect,” she said. “I have been surprised every step of the way… This is a country of great artists. And I’m sitting next to many of them right now.”
    When a Cambodian reporter asked how young filmmakers might capitalize on their experience on set, Jolie was quick to respond. “I think I would start by letting them answer the questions,” she quipped, to applause.
    Over 30 years after The Killing Fields, Jolie and Loung — who co-wrote the script — sought to bring the story back to Cambodia, to let Cambodians tell it. To Youk Chhang, a child survivor of the Khmer Rouge sitting in the audience, their mission was a resounding success.
    “The Cambodian identity is there immediately. That was my first impression,” said Chhang, who directs the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam), the country’s foremost genocide research center. “Even the colors, the afternoon golden light. [Jolie] captured the beauty of the country.”
    And in that fading light in Siem Reap, hundreds like him thronged toward the screen — passed the red carpet — as the air buzzed with excitement. If a measure of a fledgling industry’s success is its potential to bring in an audience, the local turnout for First They Killed My Father sets a high bar.
    “These are people who don’t go to the cinema,” said the young artist Reaksmey. “And they were there.”

  3. Brad Pitt’s Nonprofit Facing Tribal Housing Lawsuit
    Poor management and financial trouble plaguing a nonprofit organization started by actor Brad Pitt have resulted in unpaid bills and budget woes for Montana tribes, according to a lawsuit filed by a modular home installer.
    Washington state-based Method Homes sued Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation Missoula County court this past week, on claims of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and failure to abide by an arbitration agreement. Pitt is not named as a defendant.
    Method Homes says it helped Pitt’s nonprofit build 20 energy-efficient modular houses on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. After five years and several missteps and delays, the homes are finally finished, but the New Orleans-based Make It Right Foundation and its subsidiaries have refused to pay Method Homes for a third of the $430,000 project, according to the lawsuit
    Make It Right Foundation didn’t return a request for comment by deadline, as it had a former spokeswoman listed on its website. The foundation’s new spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, is a top New York publicist famous for helping rehabilitate the image of stars in trouble – including U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, NBA star Tony Parker, singer Justin Bieber and actor Alec Baldwin.

  4. What happened at the Mon Guerlain perfume launch?
    The 1st of March marked the launch of Mon Guerlain, the epic beauty brand’s latest perfume, I felt very lucky to be invited down to John Lewis with a couple of my blogging buddies to have a sneak peek of this fabulous perfume. It was a very early start for me having to be out in public looking half decent at 8.30 in the morning but luckily I managed it.
    I’ll be very honest, until Wednesday I didn’t know much about the french brand, it’s alway dangerous for me to learn about a new brand because I end up wanting to buy everything they make.
    It was so interesting to learn about this fantastic history of a perfumer, the brand has been around since the early 1800’s but became popular in 1853 with the creation of Eau de Cologne ImpĂ©riale which was made especially for Napoleon’s wife. Guerlain later became the royal perfumer, he created a perfume for royalty across the world and then focused on making his scents accessible for the general public. They still sell Eau de Cologne ImpĂ©riale in store today and it smells like lemon and happiness

    But let’s get back to the main event, guy! Stop getting me so distracted! Mon Guerlain, ugh it’s gorgeous. It was created for their gorgeous muse, Miss Angelina Jolie. Angelina really wanted this perfume to be accessible for all, so for her the lowered their prices so us mere muggle can smell like her too. This is the first campaign that Angelina has done like this before, as she feels a very personal connection with Guerlain. You may not know this but Angelina’s mum is actually french and had always used Guerlain products that young miss Jolie admired while growing up.

    The perfume itself smells like falling in love. It’s gorgeous, sweet but not sickly, strong but not overpowering. It’s a concoction of Carla Lavender, VanillaTahitensis, Sambac Jasmine and Album Sandalwood, it is just so perfectly balanced. Which is beautiful for the spring and summer, it’s ideal for everyday use but it would even be lovely for an evening out!

    The bottle matches the beauty of the scent inside, its light, beautiful and pink. The lip is a clover Esq mould, wearing a gold necklace. It’s truly beautiful, I think this perfume will become a hit! I love it and I’m sure you will do too!

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    Mon Guerlain smells like how I imagine heaven will smell like.

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    Sprayed Nanna with Mon Guerlain this evening! And think i've got her hooked! #GuessWhatShesGettingForMothersDay

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    Creating a fragrance at Orphin's factory is a concentration of human relationships with people who make our creations genuine. #MonGuerlain

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    1 litre bottle of #monguerlain at Harrods! What a dream @takhtar53 @TPSPeople what a beautiful bottle ❤️❤️

  11. Jane‏ @janestweeting 26m26 minutes ago

    1 litre bottle of #monguerlain at Harrods! What a dream @takhtar53 @TPSPeople what a beautiful bottle ❤️❤️