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Last January, we learned that Guerlain had set her sights on Angelina Jolie to embody her new fragrance, whose name and characteristics had never been revealed. Today, the French perfumer has put an end to the suspense by unveiling the promotional spot for his new fragrance, Mon Guerlain , featuring the sublime actress and Hollywood director.

Directed by the illustrious Terrence Malick ( The Moves of Heaven, The Red Line, The Tree of Life ), the short film, called Notes of a Woman , depicts Angelina Jolie in the bucolic setting of a Provencal estate south of France, where is harvested lavender carla that is found in the fragrance. At the heart of the story is Guerlain's desire to pay tribute to the profession of perfumer who has made his reputation since 1828. One can thus admire the master at work, composing the olfactory symphony that will materialize later in a unique fragrance, Like the woman he loves and admires, who embodies the emotions, qualities, choices, goals and dreams of a modern femininity: intrepid and gentle, strong and delicate, sensual and loving,

Angelina Jolie, who has been involved with associations for many years and co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, has donated all of her income to charities thanks to Mon Guerlain .

The fragrance
Imagined by Thierry Wasser, Guerlain's emblematic master perfumer, the opus revolves around the vanilla Tahitensis, a fetish of the house found in Shalimar or Habit Rouge , and lavender carla. " This new kind of agreement makes it possible to get out of the divide, from the ambiguity man / woman because it plays on the reconciliation of the genres. This brings to Mon Guerlain its power and modernity, "explains Delphine Jelk, who co-created the fragrance. The delicacy of sambac jasmine and the richness of the sandal album, conclude this authentic and enchanting juice, preserved in a quadrilobΓ© case worthy of the biggest fragrances Guerlain.

POPLAR - The Make It Right Foundation, the sustainable homes brain child of actor Brad Pitt, is accused of failing to pay for services rendered by a Seattle based construction company that helped the non-profit build homes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.Representatives of Make It Right agreed Wednesday to mediate with Method LLC, the company that filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in Missoula.
Method LLC alleges in its complaint that it’s owed more than $183,000 in unpaid invoices agreed upon by Make It Right.
Make It Right was founded by Pitt in 2007 in an effort to build homes, buildings and communities for people in need, according to the company website.
Its first project was to build 150 homes in New Orleans, following the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina.
Make It Right made a deal with the Fort Peck tribe in 2011 to build 20 sustainable homes for tribal members in Poplar.
Tribal council members raised concern in 2015 after learning the tribe would have to make a much bigger financial investment in the project than previously expected.
Tribal members finally moved into the homes, valued at $283,000 each, in March of 2016.
Some of the residents of the “green homes” have since expressed concerns about the integrity of the structures.
Overall, the tribe contributed around $3 million to the project.
According to the complaint, Method LLC provided services valued at about $386,000 as part of an agreement with Make It Right.
The anticipated cost of the services climbed, according to Method LLC, because there weren’t enough qualified workers based in Poplar to do the project, so out-of-state workers had to be brought in.
Despite having had each expense approved by the Foundation, Method LLC claims it has received less than half of what it’s owed.
In the spring of 2016, Tim Duggan of Make It Right allegedly agreed to pay the remaining balance to Method LLC.
But the payment was never made and when Method LLC attempted to contact Duggan again, they learned Duggan no longer worked for the Foundation, according to court documents.
Method LLC made contact with the Foundation’s new finance manager, who allegedly agreed upon the amount owed and confirmed Make It Right would make good on the payments.
Still, the plaintiff never received the money.
In a letter sent to the Foundation from Method LLC, a representative states that Method LLC is concerned about the long-overdue balance and the lack of communication from anyone at Make It Right.
A finance director from the Foundation noted concern that Make It Right was being overcharged and billing was “convoluted.”
On Tuesday, the two parties agreed to attempt mediation, but Method LLC said it would revive its complaint if an agreement could not be reached.


  1. She is a sexy goddess, mysterious woman, impermanence of the black witch, genius actor, red carpet on the star, selfless mother, fearless fighter, warm charity, is also a beautiful mark Muse, Cooperation superstar Angelina Jolie, 2017 and the French century perfume boutique temple family GUERLAIN cooperation, become the latest perfume Mon Guerlain inspiration Muse, and this precious opportunity, actually derived from Julie hours, the mother's make-up On the stage, always have the most favorite GUERLAIN powder, this classic powder, filled with elegant rosy iris and violet fragrance, is Julie mother's long cherished thing, for Julie, GUERLAIN smell is She grew up for the elegant, beautiful woman's impression.
    Jolie, who has always had a deep relationship with the LVMH family, has made the birth of Mon Guerlain perfume in the group of Antoine Armault, the owner of Laurent Boillot and GUERLAIN. When Julie was directed by Cambodia in her fourth episode of "First Things Killed My Father", Laurent Boillot talked with her and learned that she grew up for her mother's memory and had such a deep source of GUERLAIN and began planning A new generation of perfume inspired by Jolie.
    Jolie is today's Hollywood's most influential and most attention to the United Nations charity charity one of the superstar, is a feminist pioneer. Gemini's Jolie, set sexy, beautiful and intelligent in one, has always been on the screen and private life to show a rich and varied role, she did not general Hollywood super actress delicate image, and even filled with masculine fighting will, Avant-garde and bold thinking, as well as non-stop pay and love, these vivid images, as the fifth generation of GUERLAIN chief perfumer Thierry Wasser for Mon Guerlain perfume to find the best recipe for ingredients formula.
    This Mon Guerlain perfume ad, Jolie is also involved in the idea and creative guidance, the whole film in the furlie Nanfa manor in the shooting, show superstar, the most natural life, the ordinary side. Mon Guerlain with Jolie as the inspiration of the fragrance, as if like her mark, but also to each contemporary female interpretation of their own smell mark.

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    Sexy, courage and love goddess Angelina Jolie unique temperament and charm, has become the new Mon Guerlain perfume muse and spokesperson.
    # AngelinaJolie # MonGuerlain # GUERLAIN # Beauty

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    UGHH THANK YOU MONTREAL FOR SHOWING EVERYONE WHO'S THE QUEEN UP IN HERE πŸ’― it was going all around the whole building like yes mama slay

  6. Alessandro Baricco's Without Blood marks a return to the brevity and simplicity of form that made his international success, Silk, so mesmerising and starkly beautiful, says Stephanie Merritt
    Without Blood
    by Alessandro Baricco
    Canongate £8.99, pp87

    Alessandro Baricco's novels inhabit a country between myth and surrealism, marked by an understated poetry and an existential black humour. In spite of international success with his 1997 novel, Silk, he has retained a cult cachet.

    Without Blood marks a return to the brevity and simplicity of form that made Silk so mesmerising and starkly beautiful. The landscape of the novel is almost recognisable, but lacks the hard edges of historical reality; the story begins at the end of a four-year war, but the factions are not named and no dates are given, leaving the story with the possibility of allegory.

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    Four men arrive at a remote farmhouse to exact a revenge killing on a former doctor accused of torturing enemy casualties. The doctor's son is shot dead, but his daughter, Nina, is hidden beneath the floorboards; the youngest assassin, Tito, finds her, but spares her life.

    Fifty-two years later, Nina and Tito meet in a bar in a modern city and recall lives lived in the shadow of their shared memory. Nina was rescued by a horseman and passed to a pharmacist who raised her as his daughter, then lost her in a card game to a count, who married her. Her life appears to her as a series of twists of fate; Tito's story reveals the ornate fabric of deliberate intent behind every encounter. They are each other's past and destiny. As they talk, it becomes apparent that Tito is the last of the four assassins and that the others have been murdered, one by one.

    Whether Nina has sought Tito to kill him or forgive him remains hidden until the final page, but the climax comes as a visceral shock. Contained in these few pages is a complete portrait of what it means to be human, at our most elemental, and the effect is awesome.

  7. MonGuerlain Montreal Launch
    In the month of February 2017 The Concierge Club was tasked with the planning and executing a road show to launch Guerlain's newest fragrance, Mon Guerlain. The roadshow started in the West Coast where we executed 3 events in one week in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. The Concierge Club and Guerlain than made their way over Montreal and Toronto which were one week apart. The Concierge Club was responsible for the full event planning of each event from venue selection, sponsorship, food and beverage, special entertainment, decor, and staffing. The concept of each event was to discover and expose the roots of Guerlain's perfumes as well as the wings of Guerlain's new modern perfume, Mon Guerlain. Through a modern gallery theme The Concierge Club showcased Guerlain's perfume roots with large images blown up, pillars with real ingredients and descriptions, and the corresponding Guerlain fragrance. To discover Mon Guerlain, an area at each venue was sectioned off and revealed after a presentation that exposed Angelina Jolie as the fragrance the spokes women, a sneak peek of the exclusive Angelina Jolie commercial, bottle design, fragrance ingredients and the scent itself.

  8. MJ Hegar talks to about her new memoir, Shoot Like a Girl.
    Early in MJ Hegar’s military career, when she was an aircraft maintenance officer in the Air Force, she went to the firing range at Misawa Air Force Base, in northern Japan. She shot her rounds, and when she scored “expert marksman” — the highest level — her instructor was impressed. “Outstanding,” he told her. “You shoot like a girl.”


    9 Things You Need to Know About Katrina Pierson

    GOP: Why Should Men Have to Pay for Prenatal Care?

    My Secret Life as an Undocumented Immigrant
    “For a split second, I thought he was trying to insult me,” Hegar tells me. But then he explained: In his experience, women actually do shoot better than men. (She cites anecdotal evidence as well as women’s lower center of gravity to back this up.) That was the first time Hegar, now a major in the Air Force who earned a Purple Heart in Afghanistan after being shot down while rescuing American soldiers, felt that being a woman was actually a benefit to her in her military career.

    That seminal moment inspired the title of her new memoir. In the book, she details her harrowing tours in Afghanistan, as well as her landmark lawsuit challenging the military’s ban on women in combat. Though the Defense Department lifted the ban in 2015, Hegar says the fight isn’t over. Here, she explains why — and gives some tips to actress Angelina Jolie, who is rumored to play Hegar in the upcoming film adaption of Shoot Like a Girl.

    Angelina Jolie will reportedly play you in the movie about your book. What advice do you have for her to get portraying you right? What should she do to get into the role?

    I guess I would have to say that she needs to spend some time with me, because the feedback I get from people who really get to know me is "You are not what we expected at all." … I had an executive coach once tell me she wouldn't take me on as a client. And I called her to find out why, and through my conversation with her, she changed her mind and took me on as a client. And I was, like, “Well, why did you initially tell me no?” And she said, “Because I thought you were going to be this hard-nosed, un-coachable egomaniac who thinks that you're right about everything.” And really, I'm a humble, admit-when-I'm-wrong, open-to-criticism person.

    Do you think that has to do with people's idea of femininity? That a woman in combat isn't going to be a nice person?

    I think so. I had somebody ask me recently if being a warrior and being a mother was in conflict. And I was, like, “Absolutely not.” In fact, I think I'm even more of a warrior now. I'm such a Mama Bear when it comes to taking care of my kids and responding to things that I view as threats to them.

    If I ever meet Angelina Jolie, I'll pass the message along.

    I guess you were probably looking for something more black and white, like, “She should get in a bar fight.” That'd be good advice for her. She should get in a bar fight. [Laughs.]

    Do you get in a lot of

    bar fights?
    Uh ... no comment. [Laughs.]

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