Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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Courthouse News Service
"Then in spring 2016, Pitt’s foundation appeared to be falling apart.
In May 2016, Duggan left the foundation and now works as an architect for Kansas City-based Phronesis. Duggan refuses to comment on the foundation. Around the same time, a majority of the foundation’s board of directors left, along with longtime CEO Tom Darden, according to the Kansas City Star. Darden and Whitt were the ones who approached Pitt about creating the foundation in 2007.

"Also overlooked was the absence of one of the winning Moonlight producers, Dede Gardner, who now becomes the first female producer to have won two Oscars. (She also produced 12 Years a Slave.) It's unclear why Gardner did not attend the event, but rather stayed home with her kids, allowing Adele Romanski and Jeremy Kleiner (the other two producers) to take the spotlight. Gardner did not respond to a request for an explanation. One insider says there might be strain between her and Plan B Entertainment, the company she and Kleiner have headed for Brad Pitt, who also did not appear at the Oscars."

His family may not have been the only ones affected by whatever was afflicting him.  It seems all around him things were falling apart.  The many hours of individual and group therapy he was required to undergo and backed by random drug and alcohol tests should have already manifested the desired results.  But there were still vestiges of a problem when he insisted on non-therapeutic visits against the therapists' advice and the children's' best interests.  I had written earlier that Dr. Katz would have noted that there are many points against Brad and that Brad needed the minors' counsel to advocate the children's desire to live with both parents to counter those points.  Brad needed Dr. Katz to see that the family is already happily interacting together and that it is in the children's best interests to support keeping the family together.

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