Saturday, March 18, 2017

Random Fuzzies

brief observations:

 - Their head of security, Richie, met them at the airport.

-  When they left, it was Darren who led them through the airport, and now Richie met them and led them out when they arrived.  Both assistants are primarily Brad's. 

 - They were away almost exactly a week: they left on a Saturday morning and came back Friday evening.

-- Shiloh was wearing an NBCUniversal hoodie.

 - Some time before she met the Archbishop of Canterbury she changed her nail color back to her more usual neutral shade.

-- In lieu of a another statement, we could possibly get an exclusive interview with photos -- and a donation to their foundation.

-- Fussy


Videos:  DailyMail video


March 17, Friday


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  1. brads niece social media said they were in hollywood hills with the JP kids, they were at some house having movie night at Brads house