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The headline doesn't accurately express what she meant.


  1. Its a long article only posted part of th ereview:

    Review: Angelina Jolie´s Movie, First They Killed My Father
    The premiere in Battambang was public. I couldn't miss that chance, I left Siem Reap and arrived at Battambag to attend the premiere after a 4 hour motorcycle ride. More than three thousand people had packed the open air theatre. Though Angeline Jolie didn't attend the movie but sent a video message, Loung Ung was there. The crowd that made quite some noise before the movie had began met the historical confrontation with silence as soon as it began. Their recent history which even their parents refrained from telling was before them on the silver screen.

    As far as I have observed the audience, the movie has matched the local wording well. Some gestures and dialogs that only Cambodians can understand and laugh have been portrayed in some scenes. Another observation I made is that the audience became mesmerized to the point of almost clapping during scenes where Khmer Rouge agitators did Anti-Vietnam propaganda. And this indicates that Khmer society still perceives Vietnam a greater enemy than Pol Pot.
    Frankly, I expected to come across the anti-communist wording of an American from the cold war era in this movie. Angelina Jolie's realistic approach surprised me. Either in the beginning or the end of the movie Nixon policies were criticized and the fact that 250.000 Cambodians have died in American air attacks wasn't ignored.. I haven't seen any Hollywood-style anti-propaganda that purposes a political goal aside from Lenin, Stalin posters used as scenery in Khmer Rouge camps. Another pleasing thing is that stories told by amateur guides that involve exaggerated themes such as pregnant women and babies' being killed by Khmer Rouge hasn't been given any place. Additionally, the Vietnam army that protected Cambodians who were running away from the tyranny of Khmer Rouge at the cost of their lives has also been regarded in the movie.

    Angelina Jolie explains that Cambodia is an awakening for her. Who knows, perhaps finding out the fact that her country, America used Khmer Rouge as a pawn against the Soviets and Vietnam during cold war era, that Pentagon allocates 15 million dollars to Pol Pot annually, that British special forces trained Khmer Rouges on land mines and that the United Nations, of which she is a peace envoy, has protected Khmer Rouge's seat in the parliament until 1991 had influence in this awakening.

    A. Pompalitufek

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  4. Only posting part as long article

    Moving Past 'This Hell'

    I was one of the few journalists in Phnom Penh when the city fell, so I saw what happened then, and as I watched the film, I was overwhelmed by its accurate re-enactments—especially of how the Khmer Rouge emptied the city at gunpoint, forcing roughly 2 million people into the countryside. There, they toiled and died while attempting to create Pol Pot’s agrarian utopia.Four years later, that disastrous social experiment failed, and the Vietnamese military and disaffected Khmer Rouge fighters drove Pol Pot’s regime from power, installing a new, Vietnamese-backed government. The memories of what happened remain fresh for many here. For Panh, the director, the film offers an important lesson about the country’s need for reconciliation, not revenge. “The suffering from this genocide is so great that it exceeds the desire for vengeance,” he says, which is why he advised Jolie to change an incident in Loung’s book in which a crowd beats to death a captured Khmer Rouge soldier; in the film, he is battered but survives. This does not mean, however, that the victims have to forgive the killers. It just means they find a way to move on.

    Jolie and Panh hope the film, which will be available on Netflix in the fall, will help with that. Some Cambodians who have seen the film told me they felt less burdened by the past, more willing to talk to their children and grandchildren about the horrors they witnessed. As Panh puts it, “We have got out of this hell, despite everything. At last, we can talk and discuss what happened and...begin a process of reconstruction.”

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    Well done to Dame #AngelinaJolie, @BBCYaldaHakim & all people for bravely highlighting and helping #Cambodia to start recovery from murder.

  11. Yalda Hakim‏Verified account @BBCYaldaHakim Feb 19
    I met Angelina in Cambodia ahead of her Netflix debut - a haunting look at Khmer Rouge genocide. #BBCAngelinaJolie

    rwhittington05‏ @rpwhittington05 2h2 hours ago
    @BBCYaldaHakim just watched your piece on Cambodia. Very moving.

    Sarah Di Lorenzo‏ @sardilorenzo 2h2 hours ago
    @BBCYaldaHakim Angelina is a beautiful human being with a great outlook on life and the world.🌎❤ Thank you for sharing! #BBCAngelinaJolie

  12. People has a new interview about the Angies film. Just briefly mentions a post split appearance at her premiere

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