Monday, March 13, 2017


  1. Angelina Jolie: 'There's more to do' in fight against rape in war
    Five years on from the launch of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, the Hollywood star called for more prosecutions, increased evidence gathering and better training for armies.

    She said: “All of us involved in PSVI are proud of the work so far.

    "But with much more to do we are very focused on the next steps: taking the tools that have been developed into the field to help document crimes and support prosecutions, working with militaries to change doctrine and training, and pushing for the implementation of laws to protect the very vulnerable victims.”

    Jolie, special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, launched the campaign against rape in war with Lord Hague, then Foreign Secretary, in 2012.

    Today they were marking its anniversary by taking part in a discussion panel organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Lord Hague highlighted how millions are still at risk from sex attacks in many war zones.

    These include Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State has carried out atrocities, and Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria’s north, which have all been ravaged by civil war and are at risk of being devastated by famine.

    "But the events of recent years in many conflict zones have also shown that it is vital to continue and step up this work.”

    The multi-million-pound campaign has faced criticism over how much of an impact it will have, especially given the low number of prosecutions compared with the scale of sexual offences committed in war zones.

    But Baroness Anelay, the Prime Minister’s special representative on preventing sexual violence in conflict, said: “We have trained over 17,000 military and police personnel on sexual violence issues; deployed expertise to conflict-affected countries around the world and supported survivors and NGOs with over £35 million in UK funding. We are determined to build on this.

    “There is no alternative to a painstaking, long-term effort to erode the culture of impunity for conflict-related sexual violence and the UK government is proud to play its part in tackling these terrible crimes.”

    General Sir Gordon Messenger, vice chief of the defence staff, said: “The men and women of our Armed Forces are often the first to encounter the dire consequences of these crimes and may be the only ones able to prevent their re-occurrence.

    "It has therefore been essential to ensure our people are given the necessary training and expertise to fulfil this task whilst standing ready to support our international partners and local forces in doing the same.”

    In 2014 Lord Hague and Jolie held a London summit on sexual violence in conflict. Britain will stage another summit in 2019, to review commitments made by about 150 governments who backed a declaration of commitment to end sexual violence in conflict.

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    Breaking impunity on sexual violence in conflict: Angelina Jolie, Baroness Anelay and Lord Hague setting out the way forward for #psvi

    Angelina Jolie: "we live in a world where tens of thousands, often hundreds of thousands can be raped" #timetoact #sexualviolence @end_svc

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    This is the real world impact of committed leadership. Kudos to @WilliamJHague #AngelinaJolie and @JoyceAnelay
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  3. Not your usual Monday morning: at FCO to mark 5 years of effort to tackle sexual violence with @WilliamJHague and Angelina Jolie #timetoact

    Just got to welcome Angelina Jolie and say hi. She shook my hand. Hand never being washed again. Ever

    Angelina Jolie talks about imp of govts working with civil soc & survivors to come up w joint solutions on #sexualviolence

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    It was wonderful to meet the immensely talented #AngelinaJolie @foreignoffice to mark 5 years of the #PSVI

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    Baroness Anelay announced new steps to build on the first five years of #PSVI #TimeToChange #TimeToAct #EndStigma

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