Thursday, March 30, 2017

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They moved quickly to counter Daily Mail's spin on Brad's photos that his weight loss is because the split was taking its toll.  They wanted to clarify that he has lost a few pounds because he has been working out and “He’s healthy and much happier.  Things with his family have improved, all is being addressed privately, and it’s serving everyone in the family well.   Again, they issued their clarification via People

Brad has a shorter haircut but his face doesn't look much thinner than in his earlier photos when the same site wrote, "On March 13 he looked healthy as he headed into a studio alone."  He was bucking his teeth in some of the new photos so it elongated his face.

Recall last week they said:   Pitt "looks great" and has been working out regularly.  "He's lost a few pounds.  He's in very good shape."  ... he has cut out most of his bad habits...

Daily Mail's spin was leading readers in the opposite direction of their story line and they couldn't ignore it because of the accompanying photos.

E's earlier report was that reality was actually far ahead of the story they've been willing to release so far.


Brief observations:

-- It used to be that People would identify their sources as "a source with knowledge of the situation" or a "source close to the actor" or a "Pitt insider," but for this and the previous report, the principal quotes are from "a source" and this source is speaking about and for  "everyone in the family" -- not just Brad.

-- As before, the source doesn't mention the petition, just "all is being addressed privately, and it’s serving everyone in the family well."  In the earlier People report it was: "the goal was to resolve everything for the kids and the whole family, and they’re working toward that."

-- “He’s looking forward to getting back to work.”  -- Perhaps he wants to finish his sculpture -- which presumably his family hasn't yet seen -- before he starts work.   He should already be gearing up for interviews for War Machine.

-- It will be 90 days since Dr. Katz's declaration on April 19.  Recall:
What is included in a limited child custody evaluation?
  1. Interviews with the parents.
  2. Interviews with the children. (with assistance by minors' counsel)
  3. A criminal records check
  4. A Child Protective Services check.
  5. Contact with collateral sources such as School Teachers, Counselors (Therapists), or Employers.
How long does it take to complete a custody evaluation? Generally the Court will continue your case for 60-90 days if a custody evaluation has been ordered. During this time the evaluator will conduct interviews, collect and review information, and write their evaluation report.
Is the recommendation an order of the court? A custody evaluation report and recommendation has no legal status until the Court acts on it. A party who wishes to have the report adopted must appear at a scheduled Court hearing. If both parties are in agreement, the Court may approve the recommendations, or the Court may decide to make other orders. If either party disagrees with the recommendation, the matter may be set for further Court hearing.

-- Fussy

Brad Pitt was spotted out in Los Angeles — and he’s looking slimmer.
“He’s healthy and much happier,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Things with his family have improved, all is being addressed privately, and it’s serving everyone in the family well.
Another source previously told PEOPLE the actor has been working out “almost daily” and had “lost a few pounds, he’s in very good shape.”
“He’s looking forward to getting back to work.”
Pitt’s next film, War Machine, is out on Netflix on May 26.

daily mail

arriving at his LA art studio on Wednesday, March 29.


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