Saturday, March 4, 2017


Our World -Cambodia: The Power of Memory BBC Documentary 2017

Hello - 6 March 2017



Random Fuzzy

Brief observations:

They have now reestablished contact with People and Hello both of which were given exclusive photos taken by Pax.  Hello also had an exclusive interview where among other things, she explained the rather curious designation of Pax as an official set photographer.  People has not had an interview yet but Mary Green has resumed writing about them so they'll probably be getting one soon.

The photo by Pax that they gave to Hello where lens flares blur her face was obviously meant to leave her hands and ring as the central focus.  Out of the possibly hundreds of photos taken by Pax, she chose this one which offers little else to see as the rest of the frame is out of focus.  That makes two photos that she's had a direct hand in choosing and releasing that both draw attention to her hands and ring  -- the other being the first official photo of Mon Guerlain.   She would have had her choice of photos from the Mon Guerlain sessions as well.  Viewed against the message that she has been reiterating that they are and will always be a family, the message she seems to be sending with her choice of photos that draw attention to her ring is that they are and will always be married -- that they are and will always be a couple.

She also apparently has more than one band that she wears on her ring finger.  There's the gold band with a rope design that appears to match Brad's, and there are a few diamond encrusted ones that she sometimes wears alone or with the gold band.  The one she is wearing above appears to be similar to the one in the Mon Guerlain photo and video. 

-- Fussy


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  2. Fussy I had watched that The Power of Memory documentary last night at 9.30 till 10.00pm on BBC News channel very good documentary. They are showing it again tonight same time. I'm so proud of Angelina and her work is shining.

  3. Pax takes some pretty unforgiving pictures. His mom looks she put some weight on since those photos.