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They must be in the area but they've been lying low.  They've been lying low since they filed the S&O on 1/31.

There is a lot that a director and producer must do prior to the film's big world premiere -- check out the venue, meetings, receptions etc. esp. now that the King and Queen Mother have arrived.  But she's managed to go stealth.

After a 5-month forced break, she is about to launch into a whirlwind of activity. The film this month and then next month, her fragrance.  Two major commitments.


it would be interesting to see what film festivals FTKMF will appear in since it's not a commercial film and would benefit from festival buzz.  Cannes, Venice, Telluride should be possibilities.  And then a serious run at Best Foreign Language Film.


While we do not have clear photos of Brad in Crested Butte, Angela Bissada, one of the children's therapists and a trauma specialist, was there with them.  I checked the agency photos that were not all published and she was one of the first to disembark from the plane.  Bissada was wearing slippers and was not carrying anything else with her which marked her as not being plane crew or one of their assistants -- their assistants are always laden with bags when traveling with the family.  We then saw Bissada rushing to embrace the boys' therapist, Catherine Green who was waiting along with their assistants on the ground.  Given that their appearance matches their profile photos, that they clearly have a very close relationship, and seeing the boys seek out Green, I am fairly confident they are who I believe them to be.

Bissada's presence is compelling evidence that Brad was in Crested Butte because there is no other reason for Bissada to accompany them other than to monitor his time with the children.  Her trip was an extension of Angelina's efforts to find a way for Brad to celebrate the Holidays with the family despite the fact that he was, at least at the start, still not yet cleared for non-therapeutic visits.  She had also arranged for one of the therapists to join them during their Christmas celebration so Brad could be with them and exchange gifts with the children.  And by the end of their stay in Crested Butte, they had progressed so well that the children were ready to have him move back in with them.

Angelina was eager for the boys to to give feedback to Green so she asked her to meet the plane upon its arrival.  Angelina hugged Green and she was still beaming happily while chatting with their assistants.  The speed of emotional healing has always been difficult to predict -- there could be long periods of little progress and then a simple catalyst could bring about swift and complete recovery.  And that is what happened with them.  I added the photos of Bissada getting off the plane to the original post when they arrived.

I expect that Brad was extremely and very demonstrably grateful to Angelina for all her efforts and I believe seeing that helped speed up the children's healing towards him.  The children obviously love and trust their mother and seeing that he was making her very happy would have a profound effect.  Angelina helped get them to that point through family therapy sessions when the boys were still refusing Brad's visits.  Crested Butte was a selfless choice for a New Year's holiday designed to strengthen the older children's bonds with their father who taught them how to snowboard.  Perhaps on their next trip, Knox and even Vivienne could be taking lessons from hm.

It's notable that we've seen photos of Rithy Panh and Loung Ung but none of the director.  Just as Brad kept his face completely covered up to avoid detection in Crested Butte, I believe they've been keeping a low profile in Siem Reap for a reason.  I am sure Angelina checked out the venue and did a dry run but she probably did it at night when there were far fewer people around and it's much more difficult to take an unauthorized photo.  This is also the longest gap between updates in their case esp. considering the court usually acts quickly on what appears to be a routine S&O.

If the plane incident had not happened there would be no question in anyone's mind that the whole family would be there and since they've now fully recovered, they should be.  I'm just not sure if the youngest kids will actually stay to watch the film.

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Netflix is proud to announce that the Cambodian premiere of First They Killed My Father will take place on 18th February in Cambodia. The premiere will be followed by other screenings around the country.
Director Angelina Jolie is delighted to be returning to Cambodia, to fulfill her promise to premiere the film first for Cambodian people. The film, shot entirely in the Khmer language and with a Cambodian cast, was made for and by the Cambodian people. Please join in on the conversation here at the official Facebook page!

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    Another pic from the Mon Guerlain press tour:

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  3. A video taken at one of the Mon Guerlain events:

  4. Fussy its a long article can only post part of it, good read
    Q&A: Behind the camera of First They Killed My Father
    English-born Anthony Dod Mantle, the director of photography for the upcoming Angelina Jolie and Rithy Panh-produced First They Killed My Father, has worked on films such as 28 Days Later, Dredd, The Last King of Scotland and Slumdog Millionaire, for which he won an Oscar. Last week, he took a break from a project he’s working on in Russia with Oliver Stone to chat with Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon about his experience working on the Khmer Rouge historical feature, an adaptation of the autobiographical book by Loung Ung.

    The world premiere of First They Killed My Father will be held at 6pm on Saturday in Siem Reap. Follow The Post’s coverage live on twitter and instagram at @phnompenhpost. The premiere will be followed by other, as yet unannounced, screenings around the country.

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