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Thanks to Curiously Yours for the link to the photos.

Recent aerial photos of their house in Hollywood Hills.  Text in italics are from the site

My observations:

The floating "Jungle Gym" that they've had for some time is fully inflated and ready.  Since it inflates easily and folds for storage, it would have been kept stored away if the kids were not using it.

There are chairs and tables that appear to be bunched in a corner near the pools.  There's a pink chair that is not faded and what looks like a round table with an orange cover that is also not faded -- indicating that they had been stored and not left out in the sun.  There is also what might be a round multi-person white pool float. 

The trampoline looks clean and ready for use.

The white picnic table beside a large black trash bin has what looks like oil and charcoal stains which may indicate that they recently had a barbecue on the grounds.

The van that the balloons were loaded in is no where in sight and there are no other vehicles outside of the two sedans.

The site's "source" claims Brad just extended the skate park but photos from July 2016 show that the skate park looked the same then as it does now.  At least one of the trampolines was visible then as well.

There is no clearly identifiable new installation but what is there looks primed for immediate use.

The conclusion from what is visible is that the family is in residence.

"Pitt's cars were back in the driveway, and sources told Radar that he was frequently at the house. A black Tesla Model S and white Prius were parked in the driveway."   The Allied star had been living with friends and feels the time is right to go back to the family home.

The photo below was taken July 2016


Curiously Yours also shares the instagram photos below

My observation after viewing all of Brad's recently released promo pics is that while his left hand is not visible (since they were taken last year he was probably wearing his wedding ring), the family tattoo on his forearm with everyone's first initials is very prominently displayed.  Brad is a big star and the studio is sensitive about his current situation so I am sure he was given the opportunity to pick the photos he wants to be used.  He deliberately chose photos where the tattoo was often the focal point.  So the most obvious message he seems to be sending is that the family is intact and the marriage is intact and he wants people to know he cares a lot for everyone from A to V.

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There's a "Pitt source" talking to People about how Brad "seems" happier and "seems" more positive and things "seem" better.  Almost every sentence from this source uses "seems."  This "Pitt source" sounds different from the previous one who was described by People as a "source close to the situation" and in other sites as a "close Pitt friend."  By inference, this source is neither and by his tentative statements, could just be a fringe observer. 

Additional quotes from print:  Right after the painful split in September, "he almost isolated himself;  He spent most of his time at home.  He wasn't doing well," says a Pitt source.  But recently, "he seems to have a more positive outlook.  Things seem much better now." "Brad seems to be in a better place." "Brad really wants to get along with Angie for the kids'"

It's very curious why after weeks of silence a "Pitt source" is now talking and why it is obviously a  different source from the one one who was authorized to speak for Brad before.  After reviewing the so-called source's quotes, I am highly skeptical that the source has access to Brad's inner circle.

This source isn't offering any new or revealing "insider" info.  Anyone could have made the same observations the source made about Brad just based on his recent photos, their joint statement, and past articles.  Brad has looked very happy and relaxed in all his photos from the start of the year and his cheerful demeanor has been noted repeatedly.  Saying Brad wants to "get along with Angie" and is "willing to work with Angie for the kids" is just rewording part of their joint statement that the parents are committed to act as a united front.  That they are effectuating recovery and reunification was the source's basis for saying that Brad was seeing the kids more and led him to make the false assertion that it was due to detente between them.  There were innumerable articles saying how much Brad misses his kids and he was not seen in public for months with reports about how he was devastated and in a bad way.  So all of the source's quotes are merely drawn from publicly available info.

There is no info from the source about the case, the filings, or Judge Ouderkirk.  There is nothing to show that the source is indeed privy to inside info.

I noted previously that it appears they've reasserted control and will henceforth be speaking for themselves and that after their joint statement, we should approach any succeeding report quoting so-called insiders or sources with caution.  This report proves that point. 

It's a totally innocuous, uninformative article but it's not necessarily something they'll be too upset about.  Their normal contact , Mary Green, is again not involved. 

It is interesting that I haven't come across any other site reposting People's report.  If it were negative along the lines of a "war" it would have probably been reposted multiple times by now.  Everyone from Us to Lainey wants war.  It's better for business. 

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Brad Pitt Is Seeing Kids More and 'Seems Much Happier': Source

Things are looking up for Brad Pitt.
It’s only been two weeks since he and Angelina Jolie decided to work out their divorce privately, but the change in Pitt’s attitude is already evident to those around him.
“He seems to have a more positive outlook,” a Pitt source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “Things seem much better now.”
Pitt initially agreed to weekly supervised visits with their six kids, but thanks to the couple’s detente, he “can spend more time with them,” says the source.

“He seems much happier,” says the source. “He has missed his kids terribly. The kids are his whole world. It’s all he cares about.”
On Jan. 9,  Pitt, 53, and Jolie, 41, released a joint statement saying they were working with a private judge to resolve their divorce and would “act as a united front” moving forward.
“Brad is willing to work with Angie so they can have peace for the kids,” says the source. “What it ultimately comes down to is that he just wants to be with the kids.”


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