Monday, January 2, 2017

Random Fuzzies

Someone in their party, perhaps a bodyguard, had a GoPro attached to his helmet so the family should have some fun reviewing the videos of Angelina, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne taking ski lessons.

After taking a fall, both Angelina and Zahara decided to take off their skis and walk the rest of the way down.  It may take a few more lessons before they can join the other kids on the main mountain.  Knox looks like he may be ready to progress to more difficult slopes soon.  Vivienne's form looks promising too.

The more athletic kids -- Maddox, Pax and Shiloh -- would be on the main part of the mountain along with Brad.  Maddox was photographed lugging his snowboard and Pax was photographed snowboarding and riding the lift. (Thanks Auristela Pessoa for the link.) But they were not photographed together -- the equipment of Pax's companions do not match Maddox's.  There were no photos of Shiloh -- the other kids with Pax were all taller than him -- although she probably likes to snowboard as well. 

Some readers have asked if Brad could be the one on Pax's right on the ski lift with yellow and black boot bindings.  Looking closer, it's certainly very possible.  His helmet with vents looks exactly identical to Angelina's.  No one else in Angelina's party on the slopes had a helmet identical in style and color to hers.  Pax is the only kid on the lift.  The third person is presumably a therapist or security.

If it is Brad, he has made excellent progress.  Pax opted to sit closer to him, indicating that they have a good relationship.  Brad could be allowed unsupervised visits very soon even with the boys.  They may be able to dramatically shorten their reunification timetable.

The photos of Angelina, Knox and Shiloh out shopping appear to have been taken later the same day.

The photos of Mariane Pearl shopping with Angelina and Vivienne were apparently taken on Dec. 30 -- the same day as the earlier photo from inside the toy store.


They know they're being photographed.  They're happy and happy to be seen.  But they're not ready to divulge more information.  All the info so far -- that they arrived on a private jet and are staying in a ski-in/out chalet -- are externally sourced.  Their reps have been very quiet -- and as we've noted, quiet is good for them and a good sign from them.   People and ET could only say that Brad "was not sighted."  No outlet has been able to get any comment from any "insider, friend, or source close to the situation."

As noted above, Brad could very well be the one seated to Pax's right on the lift and although it isn't incontrovertible proof,  there is no doubt that he is there with them.

The family arrived on Tuesday, Dec 27 and were not yet preparing to leave on Monday, January 2.  That is a very long ski holiday.  From the photos, it is clear that half of the family --  including Angelina -- are still beginners.  This trip is mainly for the other half of the family -- including Brad -- who are more proficient skiers/snowboarders and could truly enjoy the slopes. 

After all her efforts to help Brad join the family for the Holidays, Angelina would not take the kids on a week-long New Year's trip unless Brad is with them.  For one thing, Brad has pre-scheduled weekly visits with the children which he would not miss.  For another, all her efforts with family therapy sessions and joint therapy were precisely to enable the whole family to enjoy the Holidays together.

They would not have chosen to spend the Holiday in Crested Butte unless the kids were ready to go skiing with Brad.  The main point of this ski trip is to help the children reconnect with their father.   Healing the family has always been Angelina's overarching goal.  They may have decided to stay on in Crested Butte because the shared activities have allowed Brad to make excellent progress with the kids.

They would have had to rent two or 3 chalets because Brad cannot stay with them and they are a big group - friends, therapists, plus security.


Several have commented on the ring she is wearing on her right hand so I've magnified it to get a better look.  The 1st three photos are from Dec. 30 and it looks like there is a small pyramidal setting with dark reddish-colored stones.  The last 3 photos are from Jan. 2 and it looks like she is wearing a different ring -- a simple, thin yellow gold band.  It appears she has worn this thin band many times before.  She wore it on her ring finger in lieu of her engagement ring in 2013.  And Felicity (Thanks) shares that she wore the same ring on the same finger for the Kung Ku Panda 3 premiere last year and was also wearing it at the 2015 Innovators Awards at MOMA.

I don't recall seeing the the first ring before and it may be new.

Thanks to all those who posted about the photos in the comments section.

-- Fussy

From April 2013


Text and photos below from daily mail

For their luxury trip, she has rented a six bedroom mansion in which guests can ski from the slopes straight to the chalet. Despite her sporty frame, eyewitnesses claim Angelina struggled to maintain her composure at moments.
A source on the slopes said, "'She seemed to be struggling on the mountain and was seen falling occasionally during the steep parts of the slopes and opted to take off the skis and walk the rest of the way back to the bottom. She was also seen wearing electric thermic foot warmers."
Angelina and Vivienne were seen stopping at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

While Vivienne happily indulged in ice cream, Angelina opted for just a coffee as they proceeded to the toy store around the corner for a spot of shopping. 


A source tells ET that Jolie and her six children -- Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 -- celebrated the holiday weekend in a private home in Crested Butte, Colorado.

While there was no sign of Pitt, the 41-year-old actress and her brood arrived last Tuesday via a private jet and have been spotted hitting the slopes while outfitted in Burton activewear.





Angelina Jolie Brasil  Thanks Auristela Pessoa for the link

Angelina Jolie and her youngest daughter Vivienne were all smiles during a shopping trip in Crested Butte, CO. The mother and daughter duo hit the small town on New Years day and stopped by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store for some ice cream and hot chocolate, then headed to Pooh's Corner Toy Store and bought a few toys. The actress and daughter were unnoticed as they strolled the small town and enjoyed the falling snow.


Angelina Jolie celebrated the start of 2017 bundled up with her kids in snowy Colorado.
Jolie, 41, and her six children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — have spent the last days of their holiday break hitting the slopes and touring the city in Crested Butte, Colorado.
They family has been seen walking around town and popping into local shops. On Friday, Jolie and Vivienne were spotted shopping at a toy store together.
Brad Pitt was not sighted on the trip with his estranged wife or kids.
...In the documents obtained by PEOPLE, Pitt, 53, slams Jolie for, he says, compromising their children’s privacy.
A source close to the situation responding, contending the actress did agree to seal and “the filing was nothing but a media ploy to hurt Angelina.”


  1. Fussy between you and me, but have you noticed Angelina is wearing what looks suspiciously like a plain wedding band on her finger, Know I think as she is left handed she is carrying her coffee but her right hand that she is holding Vivian had , just look at that it looks like a silver band?

  2. Angie wearing a ring on her right hand

  3. Fussy more photos, shiloh is there too

  4. Fussy have a look is that a ring or not?

  5. Fussy, The first pics of Angelina and Vivian were on Friday, along with the tweet pic, and the Zimbo photos of Angelina Knox and Shiloh are from Today. Interesting still no photos of Maddox, Pax and Daniel Pearl yet

  6. Maybe Brad is that one wearing black and yellow boots in the last picture?

  7. Maybe Brad is that one in the last picture wearing black and yellow boots ?