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Angelina was seen shopping in Malibu (Jan. 28).  She was previously seen at Fred Segal in West Hollywood (Jan. 16) and at Whole Foods in Woodland Hills (Jan. 5). 

Brad was in Santa Monica (Jan. 18 & 25) and near a studio in L.A. (Jan. 23).  He was in Malibu for Rock4EB (Jan. 14) and in Beverly Hills for the Golden Globes (Jan. 8).

All these sightings in rapid succession since they arrived home from Crested Butte on Jan. 3 are further proof that their family life has returned to normal.  After spending months undercover while Brad and the kids worked to reconnect, the family is back out in public because they are no longer in a sensitive or precarious situation.  They are again united and solid.  The therapeutic process has achieved its objective.  And after devoting the past few months entirely to the children, Angelina is able to attend to and shop for herself.

I think snowboarding helped cement Brad's bond with the older boys.   But what allowed him to get to that point and played a huge part in rebuilding the children's trust in him was them seeing his and Angelina's familiar affectionate interaction.  The Christmas and New Year's Holiday was the first time they got together normally as a family outside therapy -- albeit with a therapist joining them.   Seeing Angelina's love, faith and trust in Brad reassured the children.   They followed her lead and it built quickly from there.  They achieved everything they hoped for when the Holidays started and then some.

The family seems to be shuttling between Hollywood Hills and the other houses they leased in Malibu and Hidden Hills.  Angelina has been seen shopping near all three.  Fred Segal is near Los Feliz and the aerial photos show signs of their presence in the compound.  The Whole Foods she went to is near Hidden Hills.   When they were living full time in Hollywood Hills, they were most often seen shopping at Gelson's Markets near their home. Wasser indicated that they thought it would take 6 - 12 months for the family to effectuate reunification but they did it in 4 if counting from Sept, and in 1 if counting from the date of Wasser's email.  If the leases to the houses haven't expired and they can't pre-terminate, they might as well use them.  It helps keep the paparazzi guessing.


In response to persistent questions:

If Angelina specifically wanted to shop at a Whole Foods instead of the local Ralphs while she was supposedly living in Zuma Beach (I have not seen where this info came from):  Zuma Beach is 21.1 miles away from Whole Foods Santa Monica - Wilshire via CA-S1 also known as the Pacific Coast Highway.  It is 24.3 miles from Whole Foods Woodland Hills via Kanan Rd and US-101S.

Wasser filed the Custody Stipulation with the court for enforcement purposes because Brad didn't want to follow the therapeutic process they had agreed upon.  A private judge does not have the authority to enforce agreements.  If the therapists felt the therapeutic process was still necessary they would not have hired a private judge.  That they hired Judge Ouderkirk means the therapists feel the process is no longer needed -- the children have recovered and they no longer need to monitor and control Brad's contact with them.  It means they no longer feel it is necessary for the family to live apart.  The family's long-term reunification goals have been achieved and Brad is enjoying frequent and continuous contact with all of the children on a joint custodial basis. 


Thanks to those who forwarded the link to photos of what looks like a brass stand being loaded into an SUV outside one of the entrances to their home in Hollywood Hills.   If it came from their house, it would have been loaded into the SUV next to the house deep inside their compound and not on the street where photographers waiting outside the community's gate could take photos.   They live inside a gated community -- the gate is on Valley Oak Dr. off Canyon Dr. and Valley Oak is a long way from the main house (see photo below).  The property near the entrance to their compound on Valley Oak is reportedly where their head of security lives.  I don't think the item pictured belongs in a fireplace either.   At any rate, like I've said previously, radar is one of the bottom feeding sites like Hollywood Life who print almost exclusively fiction.  I routinely ignore anything written by those sites.  The text that accompanied the aerial photos earlier were similarly false and misleading.

This constant  surveillance is the reason why they are shuttling between the different homes they now have at their disposal.


Thanks to Unknown and Louisa for the heads up and link to the Malibu photos.

-- Fussy

Jan. 15, 2010
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have increased the size of their compound in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, with Pitt quietly paying $1,100,000 to buy a missing link for his property in the form of a 3,232-square-foot house that his estate largely had surrounded.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Pitt's latest purchase, which like some other property of his was made through his Mondo Bongo Trust (he also owns other properties in his Briarcliff Trust and his Blaircliff Trust). Records show that Pitt purchased the property on August 6 from the estate of the late Anne Tyler Sherman. The deal was recorded on August 11. Built in 1920, the two-bedroom, former Sherman house -- whose property is shaped like a key -- sits on a 0.25-acre (10,759-square-foot) lot in the Oaks area of Los Feliz. It helps Pitt round out his compound and means that Brad now owns close to 2 full acres in the Oaks.
Pitt's other properties on his compound are as follows:
--The compound’s historically significant, five-bedroom, 5,760-square-foot main Craftsman-style house, which was built in 1915 and which Pitt purchased in 1994 for $1,700,000. That house sits on nearly an acre (a 43,268-square-foot lot), according to public records. Pitt appears to have recently expanded the house, which public records previously had said measured 5,338 square feet.
--Another adjoining 1,653-square-foot house on a small, 0.13-acre (5,606-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1998 for $475,000.
--An adjoining 2,454-square-foot house on a 0.29-acre (12,458-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1996 for $380,000; as part of the 1996 transaction, Pitt also purchased an adjoining, 0.03-acre (1,307-square-foot) strip of vacant land that he also continues to own.
--An adjoining 1,534-square-foot house on a 0.15-acre (6,530-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in mid-2008 for $1,287,500.
Putting all these parcels together, we see that Pitt now as under his own personal control 79,928 square feet of contiguous land in the Oaks (across six separate parcels!), or more than 1.8 acres of land. In addition, as we noted in September 2008, Pitt, who also not long ago won approval to add a guardhouse to his compound, sold another adjoining 3,141-square-foot house on a 0.30-acre (12,972-square-foot) lot in October 2003 for $740,000 to Richard “Richie” Malchar and Rebecca Malchar, according to public records. Richie Malchar has been identified in various news reports over the years as being Pitt’s security chief (and he has his name on the deeds of many of Pitt’s properties as his money manager, as does money manager Cynthia Pett). So in many regards, Malchar’s house and parcel could be included as part of Pitt’s compound as well.




Angelina with eight-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox spotted visiting clothing stores Madison and Encore at the Malibu Country Mart mall on Saturday (Jan. 28).

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    The organizers of the Cambodia International Film Festival announced yesterday, Monday, January 30, that Angelina Jolie will be patron of this year's event.

    However, they still do not know whether or not she can personally attend the event, but her notoriety helps raise the visibility of the festival.

    "This festival is still small compared to others, but thanks to its support, it attracts a lot of attention," said Kazumi Arai, development manager at Bophana Center, who together with the Cambodian Film Commission is one of the organizers of the event .

    The festival will take place March 4-9 in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

    As she did last year, Angelina Jolie will also be supporting the festival in the role of patron. Organisers are not yet sure whether or not she will be able to attend in person, but her notoriety helps to increase visibility.
    The festival will be held from March 4-9 at a selection of venues throughout Phnom Penh, including Bophana Center, the French Institute, Legend Cinemas, Major Cineplex and Platinum Cineplex. Once released, the schedule of films and locations will be available at