Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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  1. I hope she carries on doing the good work, she is such an inspirational lady.

  2. Fussy have you noticed this in Brad and Angie's case summary, I wonder if Brad and Angelina came to an agreement on visitations that Brad was requesting ?

    12/07/2016 Notice (12/16/16 through 12/27/16 )
    Filed by Petitioner

  3. Fussy, I think Wasser has let it be known to the court the dates that she will not be available. Dec. 16th-27th.There are only two things that it could be ,one is letting Spiegel know the dates that Wasser will be unavailable. The other has to do with Angelina agreeing with Brad having more visitations or not.I Googled the names of the filings.One clearly says it's a notice to the court and the other attorney that opposing counsel will be unavailable during the period listed. It's meant to keep lawyers from filing motions that the court can rule on while opposing counsel is out of town.The other notice.I just Googled the name of it and one of the first hits was a PDF for the CA family court.

  4. Fussy, Have you seen the new Us Cover trying the evil Angelina angle but inside they are very subdued can't attack Angelina with false lies especially when Wasser has layed all teh truth out there for all to see,now Speigal and Brad can't hide behind their spun lies. Brad's so called sources have calmed down now since they have been exposed for falsifying the narrative between Brad and Angelina. " A source told the magazine: ‘Brad hopes to see the kids for Christmas at some point but when hasn’t been determined.’. Seem's like sources narrative has dried up in attacking Angelina, good.

  5. Fussy don't know if you already seen this but its a new photo of Brad out and about.

    Brad is listed as a participant in this non-profit with Mr Lauer directed The Tehuacan Project, a tender story about deaf children defying incredible obstacles in rural Mexico. Adrien Brody narrates and Brad Pitt executive produces. http://www.reelaid.org/index.h...