Monday, December 5, 2016

Random Fuzzies

Bia (Thanks!)  Again provides us with a link to the pdf of the actual filing:  Via CDN -ExtraTV


The details of the agreement from the pdf:


Petitioner and Respondent ...hereby stipulate to the following temporary orders:

Pending written agreement of the parties or further order of the court-

- Angelina (Petitioer) shall have physical custody of the children

- Brad (respondent) shall continue to have agreed upon therapeutic visitation.  The frequency and conditions of the visits are determined by Ian Russ, Phd.  Prior to making such determination, Dr. Russ shall consult with Lisa Hacker, Judy Goldman, Angela Bissada and Catherine Green.  Dr. Russ shall at all times consider the best interests of the minor children.

- Brad will continue to participate in individual therapy a minimum of once a week for no less than 50 minutes per session.  At the end of each month he shall provide Dr. Russ with proof of his participation.

- Brad will continue to participate in group therapy once a week and will provide Dr. Russ with proof of his participation at the end of each month.

- Brad will continue to submit to random drug and alcohol testing by Dr. Robert Waldman.  The tests will not exceed one per week with a minimum of 4 every 30 days.  Dr. Waldman will provide Dr. Russ with the results within 24 hours of receipt.

- the children will continue to participate in individual counseling, the frequency and duration of which will be recommended by Angela Bissada and Catherine Green.

- Brad, Angelina and the children will continue to participate in joint sessions.

All communications are considered "safe harbor therapy" and protected by psychotherapist-patient privilege.

Confidentiality:  "In the interest of privacy of the parties and their minor children. this Stipulation and Order is not being submitted to the Court for entry at this time.  Nonetheless, upon execution, this Stipulation and Order shall be effective between the parties as a valid and binding agreement, whether or not it is ever entered by the Court.  Either party may file this Stipulation and Order with the Court as necessary to enforce any term contained herein."

Dated and signed by all parties Oct 26, 2016

Angelina is represented by Laura Wasser and Samantha Klein both of Wasser, Cooperman Mandles PC

Brad is represented by Lance Spiegel of Young, Spiegel & Lee LLP who also signed his response, and Gary Fishbein of Butler Buzard Fishbein & Royce who again did not sign.


As we've noted in previous posts, Angelina is very sensitive to suggestions that she is keeping Brad from the children.   I believe that is partly the motivation behind filing the legal agreement with the court at this time.   Because she is doing her best to help him reconcile with the kids,  it is particularly galling for her to be accused of keeping him from them.

She may have felt it was necessary to make sure people know who controls the visits now just in case the children decide not to spend Christmas with him as well.

But she may also be trying to prevent outside pressure from those who want to force her to make the children spend the holidays with Brad.  And it turns this was the real reason. (12/7)

The details of the agreement make it clear that there are issues with Brad that he needs to address which is why he is required to undergo individual and group therapy, and drug and alcohol testing,  and that Dr. Russ requires proof of his compliance to be submitted to him.  Those are the parts Brad likely didn't want to be made public.

That the children need individual counseling indicates they are still healing, and of course the need for "conjoint sessions" indicates the family as a unit still needs healing.  Outside of the family sessions, Angelina is not required to undergo counseling or therapy.

The confidentiality clause in the Stipulation just generally mentions their privacy and in light of this, Brad's PR seems to have overreacted when he hotly accused her PR earlier of not abiding by it simply because she revealed it was indefinite.   On the other hand, given that the whole agreement and all the details are now public, his response to the filing seems relatively agreeable.  He gave the original quote to ET but his only remark to ET this time was to say that the agreement was temporary and could be changed if Brad decided to petition the court.  No other criticism.

Once filed in court and signed by the judge, the stipulation becomes a court order and is enforceable by the court.  It also means that when Angelina and Brad decide the agreement is no longer necessary or if they want to make changes, they must file a new Stipulation and Order with the court or petition the court.

Brad's Response was signed Oct 31 and filed November 4.  The Custody Stipulation made a Response necessary since he needed to be legally involved in the case as a signatory to the Stipulation.


Additional quotes:

Probably her rep, Judy Smith, in the beginning and the last quote is probably from his rep -- identified in earlier reports as Matthew Hiltzik:
"Originally, Pitt had volunteered to do the drug and alcohol testing himself," a source tells ET. "But now that a judge has signed off on these docs, it has become mandatory and cannot be reversed without another court filing."
The source also reveals, “Brad has not seen his children alone without a monitored therapist since the plane incident," adding, "Angelina has not left the children's side since the plane incident. She still has not completed her film [First They Killed My Father]. She has been with them the whole time trying to make sure they heal." 

As for if Pitt will see the children for the holidays, that remains unclear. "If a child says they don't want to see Brad on Christmas, the psychiatrist isn't going to force them,” the source says. “That's the whole purpose of this agreement."
A separate source tells ET that the legal custody agreement is voluntary and only temporary.

“It was agreed upon several months ago, which has continued,” the source says. The source also notes this agreement can be changed if Pitt decides to petition the court.


Probably his rep:
“A judge didn't do anything. This is not a new development or change, this is still part of the voluntary pre-existing agreement between Brad and Angelina,” the insider tells Us of the temporary arrangement, which was decided upon back in October. “This document is just about what is and has been in place since they came to the agreement months ago. At some point Brad will file to change it.”

What we gathered from the quotes:
- Her rep is the one saying that Brad volunteered to do the drug and alcohol testing himself --  no doubt to prove to Angelina that he is clean.   But now that the judged has signed off, it has become mandatory.
- Brad has still not graduated from supervised visits, which isn't really a surprise given that his children didn't want to spend Thanksgiving with him and that was just a week ago.
- The "whole purpose of this agreement" is so that the children are not forced to be with Brad before they are ready.  They may have been "encouraged' by the childcare professional of the DCFS to enter into this agreement because they could detect that Brad and Angelina were eager to get the whole  family back together and the DCFS could see that the children were far from ready.  And part of her motivation for filing may also be so the children won't be "forced" to include Brad in all future plans.


 “Angie has been by the kids’ side nonstop since this happened. Their health and well-being has been her only priority. She hasn’t traveled, and she delayed completing [her new film] First They Killed My Father,” says the source, adding, “Angie also hasn’t been the one to keep Brad from seeing the kids. It hasn’t been her choice. She has been following the advice of the therapists.”  
I think Angelina decided that in the interest of controlling what is said, that only her rep should speak for her. And since the details of the agreement are damaging to Brad, she may have given further instructions that nothing should be said that might offend him in order to help salve his feelings about her decision to file it with the Court.

-- Fussy


  1. Fussy, I found some further details regarding Ian Russ, Ph.D details in the LA County Private Evaluators Directory. Don't know if you already know buy am posting the link for you.

  2. The paper:

  3. Gross. That People article is nasty. Full on attack on Angie. I really don't know how they can come back from this. I think I'll take a break from them again. Getting too involved.

    1. People magazine needs to know what it is. They are not ashamed to just hear "wrong sources". If they did not submit to "Stipulation and Order" Brad and Angelina would have to follow what the court ordered, so this document also has to be signed by the judge to approve. But this is all being done: "to eliminates the need to go to court and have a judge make a decision about an issue."

      A "stipulation" is an agreement between two parties that is submitted to the judge for approval. It eliminates the need to go to court and has to make a decision about an issue. A written "Stipulation and Order" includes the parties' agreement, both of their notarized signatures, and the judge's signature. Once signed by the judge, the agreement becomes a legally binding "order."

      You may wonder why you need anything at all if you and the other party agree to change things. The reason is simple: the judge expects you both to follow the orders and needs to know when you want to change the orders. Stipulation & Order tells you to judge your new agreement and makes it part of the court record. It also ensures that if you ever get back to court because you and the other party do not agree about something, the judge will already know the changes that have been made. If in Stipulation & Order is filed, the judge will assume you are still following (or should be following) the original court order.

  4. I searched the internet, found this news from 2013 talking about Brad, how much the drugs did bad for him, that he was wasting time on the sofa.
    There's a comment from a gossip blogger who lived near them in France.
    I do not know how reliable it is but I think it talks a lot about what's going on with Brad:

    "His supporters claim he is learning from Angelina. Having witnessed his 'heroic' decision to undergo double mastectomy, they say he is a changed man.

    We have heard this before, of course - but there are signs I can get there in the end.

    'Brad has changed a lot since I met Angelina, but she has also turned a blind eye to some of her less endearing habits,' says Jen Paul, editor of the Bohomoth website and a neighbor of the Jolie-Pitts in France.

    'Brad is so insulated from reality by his fame that I do not think he sees the real picture. Has he really changed? I would believe it if Angelina was saying so, not Brad.

    'There's a big effort going on to rebrand him at the moment. But in the long run he will be judged by his behavior, not his words. '

  5. I am not understanding the quote to People magazine. How is spin and manipulation unless they are talking about the media. Because Jolie's people never said there was a change and the document even states its a temporary order which means this is not permanent and there is a purpose to file this unless they wanted the court to issue an order. Sounds like this person is the one spinning & manipulating. No one said it was new especially since we all know it was agreed upon on Oct. 26. I agree whoever is speaking needs to stop they are making it worse for Pitt. But then maybe they got the memo and seemed calmer in US and ETs writeup.

  6. No response, disappointed and confused but ok. GB

  7. Hey Fussy I wonder if People used the quote from the first time Jolie issued a comment about an agreement from Nov.7 and spent it as being new it sure sounds similar maybe I am just imagining things LOL.