Thursday, December 1, 2016

Her full message to the ICC makes very clear what she is referring to.

The Office of the Prosecutor’s launch of the Policy on Children was on 16 November 2016.  The video was Published on Nov 18, 2016, after the ICC had deleted their tweet and the video snippet was removed.


  1. Thank you for the full video, Fussy.
    She gives an excellent message...heartfelt, deliberate and inspiring, but it is easy to see, by her eyes, she has been crying a lot.
    I wish this family the very best.

  2. hi fussy this is my first time here,ths is what i admire about angie so selfless,she still finds time to give a message for the good of humanity despite the fact that she is hurting,breaks my heart.i hope someday their family be whole again

  3. On the first snippet of the video, I thought she looked great.
    But with this full video, It's clear she's suffering too. Her eyes don't deny.

    I hate they had to go through this, damn.

    But storms don't last forever, they will heal. I believe!

  4. Billy Bob defendio a gusto realmente

  5. lei un articulo donde billy bob definede a Angelina..pienso igual..

  6. Angelina looks tired and clearly is showing the signs of these stressful times she had just like Brad has shown. She is a remarkable women who still carried on her humanitarian work obligations even in these stressful circumstances.Even Brad had to face the public and that is a tall order. She is a remarkable women. I know she seeing Brad and him seeing her in these circumstances has shown each other how much impact its had on them. I pray they are able to overcome these circumstances with one step ant a time towards a common goal and that goal is togetherness.

  7. Angelina is a strong and wonderful woman. Angelina has done wonderful things Globally.

  8. I truly hope things are moving along & they are making progress as a family?.Can't begin to imagine how awful these last 9wks have been for them?. Not only separating, but to have these officials turn your whole life upside down is more than anyone's mental & emotional strength can withstand. Wish them all the love & healing & that they look after themselves.

  9. First time posting, but I wanted to let you know that Angie has filed Stipulation & Order and Proof of Service-Mail on 12/02/2016. What does that mean? Is it about the custody agreement they have or, is that the way she has to file for dismissal since Brad responded to her petition???

    1. In CA to dismiss they would file a Request for Dismissal. So this is more likely re custody & visitation.