Sunday, November 6, 2016

BRAD PITT has pulled out of all press commitments for upcoming movie Allied after his wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.
The actor, 52, has refused to do any interviews, press junkets or chat show appearances and may still pull out of red carpet premiere of the film next week.

 “Loads of chat show studios are gutted as they had him booked to come on and dozens of journalists have had their interviews scrapped.

"They are also being briefed not to ask anybody else associated about the film about Brad’s personal life.
“His team look very likely to pull the plug on him even walking the red carpet in LA.
"They know it’s important he been seen to support the film but this is a huge crisis for him and the current tactic is to lie low.
“If he does appear, he’ll not say a word to any media and sneak in a side door.”


Random Fuzzy

Yes, it's the Sun, which has a very poor batting average for truth or accuracy.  But it's well within the realm of possibility and is even likely.

Interesting that it makes no mention of the DCFS or the ongoing abuse investigation which is at the heart of everything happening in his life right now and is the central reason why he can't talk to the press.

Anyone directly involved in any ongoing official investigation is usually prohibited from discussing it publicly.

-- Fussy


  1. I think this is the right thing to do for the movie and Brad. Brad's appearance would not be helpful to movie promotion at this time. He would create a media circus instead, with the focus about his state of appearance and trying to gleam any nugget about the divorce and he children.

    Now it wouldn't surprise if he also pulls out of the red carpet events.

    What to read into this from his position? Maybe still in therapy/treatment? Maybe still rebuilding fragile relationship? I hope so!

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  3. Its the SUN so not so sure about the accuracy. However, Allied was to be at Deadline's contender function this weekend but they were dropped from the event along with Scorsese for his film Silence. So he may not do much press it. Think he will appear at the premiere, it a 2-3 hr event but any press he does for the film will be at bare minimum. Keep in mind the man is contractually obligated to promote and if he does not he can be sued by both the studio and producers. Just don't think he would want to add that on top of what he already has going on.

    1. As this news is from the tabloid The Sun and NOT AP or Paramount Studio I will take it as a pinch of slat.Brad IS going to be at the premiere in LA and in China that's a given his PR are just making sure press doesn't ask any personal questions. Also the bit about "chat show appearances" I very much doubt it he hasn't done those in the past so very much doubt he was going to double down to do them now, Marion will but not him.

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  5. Fussy , PageSix has all the papers Brad filed his response:

    Brad signed on teh paper October 31 on Monday. why did he wait until Friday November 4 ?

    1. Usually they release those things on Friday. To try not get too much traction on the press. They all do it on Friday afternoon.

    2. That what celebrities usually do with divorces - file on Friday afternoon to burry the news over the weekend. That's why everyone in the media was surprised that Angelina filed on Monday.

  6. Everyone at large knows he has a movie "Allied " to promote. Even if he doesn't press, he 's allready attracked a lot of attention coverage to the movie because of his current situation.

  7. I think he'll be a show. He's a pro and he's also a "business" with employees, wages to pay, an actor with a movie to promote and support. The Sun may be in the know but I'm kinda thinking they're really just schilling their rag and not much more.